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7 Things to Learn About Office 365 Backup Solutions

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7 Things to Learn About Office 365 Backup Solutions

Office 365 backup solutions

If you are here, you probably understand why to backup Office 365. Microsoft recommends to do so but provides no reliable tools. That’s why you have to know how to backup Office 365 data yourself.

Selecting a proper backup tool will save time and keep your data secure. Find out about what Office365 backup solutions bring to the table.

1. With an Office 365 Backup Solution, You Don’t Pay for Inactive Users.

Office 365 pricing depends on the number of users. Maintaining accounts cost $5-12.50 user/month (depending on the features). That’s why you don’t want to keep around inactive accounts. Still, some companies have to pay for accounts of ex-employees to keep access to information, as deleting an account leads to the loss of data it contains.

Office 365 backup solutions help you optimize the number of accounts you maintain. By migrating the data between accounts, you can prune inactive user accounts while preserving all the information they contain.

Cloud backups ensure that you can safely migrate the information from inactive accounts to the ones of active users. That’s how backup saves your time and money.

2. More than One Backup per Day.

Some backup providers offer only one daily backup. However, that’s not enough. After all, a cyber attack may happen at any moment — the more recent backup you have, the better. Having only one backup at the beginning/end of a working day will not save the progress made in a whole day in case of a data loss.

That’s why a good backup solution has several daily backups to keep up with your data flow and ensure the maximum safety of your files.

With Spinbackup, you can choose an automated backup up to three times per day.

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3. Infinite Retention.

Accidentally or on purpose, you delete Office 365 items from time to time. Microsoft doesn’t store your files forever. The data is kept in Recycle Bin for 93 days, after that it gets deleted.

But what if you need this deleted data? Only a third-party backup tool allows restoring it. Besides, having access to all your files at any time might be needed for legal or compliance purposes. Infinite data retention is another feature backup solutions offer you.

4. Great Customer Support.

If you have noticed an attack attempt or need to restore your files urgently, you might not be completely sure what to do. That’s when the customer support comes in.

Customer  support can give a hint on how to backup Office 365 email, restore the version you need, and answer other questions you might have. Having excellent customer support is a must for all backup providers. The ability to respond fast is one of their key qualities.

With worldwide 24/7 support, you’ll always get a helping hand. No matter, if you face a cyberattack or just deleted an email, there are people who are ready to guide you.

5. Advanced Monitoring.

If everything is calm, you might not find reports very useful. But if the risks are high (and often they are), keeping a finger on the pulse of your security is essential. Office 365 backup tools include reporting. Reports will help you to monitor your Office 365 backup data, data loss protection status, and much more.

You can set up how often you want to receive reports (weekly or monthly). Monitoring is a vital measure to prevent data loss, as it helps to control your Office 365 and detect abnormalities.

6. The Best Office 365 Backup Solutions Restore the Folder Hierarchy.

Sometimes, you need to restore Outlook emails from a PST file. For example, if you move items between email accounts. While restoring from the PST file, the folder hierarchy in Outlook is disrupted. It takes time to find the original location of the restored file and move it back.

A good backup solution has the hierarchy preserved. That means the restored item appears precisely in the place it was deleted from. Moreover, with a third-party solution backing up email in Office 365 and restoring it later takes you only a few clicks, unlike restoring emails from PST files.

7. Point-in-Time Restore.

Another problem is that while Office 365 restore you may overwrite the newer version with the older one with the same URL. In other words, your data may be lost, and there would be no way to recover it with Office 365 native tools.

That’s why you should be able to choose a version to restore. Point-in-time restore mechanism allows you to have multiple data versions so you can select one to restore your O365 data from.

Now you understand why getting a third-party Office 365 backup solution is a great idea. Spinbackup Office 365 Backup and Recovery is the solution that matches all the features listed above. With Spinbackup, you get encrypted backup to secure your O365 data in AWS, GCP, or Azure clouds.


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