How SpinOne Helps You To Meet HIPAA Compliance Requirements?

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HIPAA compliant cloud backup

Cloud security compliance is a serious challenge, especially when it comes to protecting sensitive data in healthcare. That leads organizations to look for HIPAA compliant cloud backup, antivirus, or data protection software to ensure the safety of vital information.

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14 Key Remote Working Tools for Remote Teams

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14 remote working tools for remote teams

The current situation with the coronavirus has suddenly forced companies to switch to remote work mode. For some, it might cause some headaches to maintain the same level of productivity for their remote teams during this period.

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Office 365 Phishing Email: How to Spot and How to Avoid the Damage

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Office 365 phishing emails

Hackers know it’s easier to trick an organization’s employees than to break through its security systems. Phishing is one of the hacker’s trickeries, often used to infect Office 365 (or other cloud services) with ransomware. In this article, we’ll take a look at the main phishing types, ways to detect them, and how to avoid the potential damage they can inflict.

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OneDrive Ransomware: What You Don’t Know, But Should

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OneDrive ransomware

Saving files to OneDrive is convenient and easy. That convenience, though, misleads uninformed users into thinking that OneDrive can be treated as some ransomware-proof backup.

The false feeling of safety quickly makes you careless, which might result in OneDrive ransomware infection corrupting valuable data on your drive.

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Can Ransomware Infect Backups?

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How Ransomware Infects Backups and How to Avoid It

Ransomware threat continues to grow, and ransomware strains like Ryuk and Sodinokibi prove that even backups can be attacked and encrypted. 

Let’s find out when ransomware can infect backups and, more importantly, how to ensure backup data is safe from ransomware.

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Shared (Team) Drives vs. Google Drive: What’s the Difference?

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Team Drives vs Google Drive

Both the Google G Suite Shared (Team) Drives and the individual My Drive are built on the same Google cloud infrastructure. Both Shared Drive and My Drive allow businesses and individuals to have many benefits not afforded by keeping files on-premises or carrying data on removable storage.

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How to Backup OneDrive? 

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Backup OneDrive Guide

With more than 200 million active users each month, Office 365 is a powerful Software-as-a-Service platform for businesses. OneDrive is a part of the Office 365 cloud, used for storing files in the cloud.

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