Cloud Backup for Small Business: 6 Solutions to Look for

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Cloud Backup for Small Business

If you are a small-business owner, you most likely don’t have a big team of administrators and data security officers to manage the organisation’s data. Therefore, cloud backup for small business must be two things: cost-effective and simple-in-use. But it may be tricky to find a perfect solution if you don’t understand how backup works and what are the options.

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Office 365 On-Premises vs. Cloud Backup: Where to Keep Data? 

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What to choose: On-Premises or Cloud Backup

Continuous backup is crucial for your business. When all operations rely on data, it’s better to be safe. The question you might be asking is  “How exactly should I backup my Office 365 for it to be continuous and safe?”. Should you choose onsite or offsite storage solution? In this article, we are going to compare Office 365 on-premises vs cloud backup.

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Everything You Need to Know About Office 365 Backup and Recovery Policy

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Microsoft Office 365 Backup and Recovery Policy in Simple Words

Microsoft Office has over 180 million users. Imagine the amount of data. Obviously, Microsoft cannot store all of it forever. That’s why there is Office 365 backup and recovery policy. The policy determines the conditions under which your data can be restored.

Overall, Microsoft guarantees the protection from failures in Microsoft system or hardware. However, it is your responsibility to protect your files from human error, cyberattacks, malware, and internal malicious actions.

Let’s have a look at where Microsoft’s responsibilities regarding backup and recovery end.

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7 Things to Learn About Office 365 Backup Solutions

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Office 365 backup solutions

If you are here, you probably understand why to backup Office 365. Microsoft recommends to do so but provides no reliable tools. That’s why you have to know how to backup Office 365 data yourself.

Selecting a proper backup tool will save time and keep your data secure. Find out about what Office365 backup solutions bring to the table.

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How to Backup Office 365 Emails in Just a Few Clicks

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Office 365 Email Backup Tutorial

How to backup Office 365 mailbox if you have a vast number of emails from multiple accounts? There are many different backup solutions for Outlook on the market.

Some users prefer to use native tools for this purpose because they are free. Unfortunately, though, native tools don’t let you back up wast amounts of data quickly and easily.

Moreover, backing up data with native tools means not meeting the compliance for most organizations, since these tools are not designed to back up data in the first place. 

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Should You Backup Office 365?

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Should You Backup Office 365

Short answer: Yes. You need to backup Office 365 data to keep it secure. Now let’s see why.

Despite Microsoft’s advanced security features, data loss happens. There are many reasons behind data loss: external threats, accidental data deletion, and more.

The cost of data loss may reach millions of dollars. Your company needs to keep its vital data secure to avoid financial and reputational risks. Office 365 doesn’t back up your data fully to protect it. And here is the proof.

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How to Migrate G Suite Data After an Employee Leaves

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How to use G Suite data migration service

A third part of all former employees retains access to the company data after they leave. Why? Because of incompetent offboarding. Often G Suite admins don’t bother to migrate data from Google accounts of leaving employees and delete the accounts. In 2018 Coca-Cola suffered from a massive data breach from its former employee that affected 8000 workers. Coca-Cola survived this, but when something similar happens to a small or medium business, the consequences can be disastrous.

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G Suite to Office 365 Migration Guide

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How to Migrate From G Suite to Office 365

The goal of most businesses is scalability. It’s necessary to have a SaaS solution which can grow together with a company’s needs. That’s why migration from G Suite to Office 365 is quite common.

Now let’s take a closer look at both Office 365 and G suite. Also, we’ll show you how to migrate G Suite to Office 365 if you found the latter more useful.

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