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The Advantages of Spinbackup

The Advantages of Spinbackup

Spinbackup advantages

Spinbackup is a cloud-to-cloud backup and cloud cybersecurity solution provider for G Suite. We protect organizations of all sizes against data leaks and data loss disasters. We do it in the cloud by backing up SaaS data, analyzing it and alerting G Suite Administrators of potential insider threats and business risks.

Our unique market value proposition is to remove human factor for data security and use machine learning algorithms to fully automate data protection and we do it all in one very well designed dashboard.

What We Provide to G Suite Users?

Protection against insider threats that come mostly from company employees and ransomware are the two main problems that we focus on here at Spinbackup. First, we provide a fully automated solution for G Suite administrators to backup and protect sensitive data. Second, we identify security threats and business risks and fix them, before disaster strikes. Spinbackup helps organizations gain more control and visibility over data security in one dashboard by providing an additional layer of protection beyond what the typical cloud service providers can offer.

Here are the most commonly used cases of potential insider threats that Spinbackup solves:

  • Employees may delete a key file at G Suite accidentally or on purpose. If there is no backup you are in trouble. That’s why automated daily backup with zero human factor is the best data protection strategy.
  • Ransomware can damage critical data by encrypting them at G Suite. The snapshot backup with versioning and smart, automated recovery is the only solution.
  • Employees may steal corporate data by transferring data from a corporate G Suite account to a private one at Dropbox, Box, etc.
  • Employees can share critical data with 3rd-parties accidentally or on purpose.
  • Employees send sensitive data like credit cards numbers to 3rd-party people.
  • Employees install suspicious 3rd-party apps that get access to corporate data at G Suite.
  • An employee’s G Suite account can be compromised by cyber-criminals so bad guys can get access to corporate data.

That’s why our customers say – “Spinbackup is a must have tool for every Google user”.

What Is Spinbackup’s Value?

There are 7 main points that add significant value for G Suite Admins and make their jobs much easier.

    1. Automated Ransomware Protection

Spinbackup is the next generation data protection platform that fully automates data security at any organization by identifying ransomware attacks and providing automated granular recovery of damaged files from the last successfully backed up version, with no human resources involved. If you are hit by ransomware, with Spinbackup Automatic Ransomware Protection:

      • you will become aware of the attack before it snowballs,
      • the amount of files damaged by ransomware will be minimal,
      • you don’t need to check every file on your own to learn whether it is encrypted or not,
      • you don’t need to spend time manually recovering every infected item or risk losing important data while recovering all of the files, including those that have not been encrypted.

ransomware_protect google

    1. Automated Daily Backup

The biggest value of our backup solution is that it removes human factor from data protection by operating automatically and on a daily basis. You only have to set up a new account once and forget about data backup until it’s time to recover your data. This saves you a lot of time as a G Suite Admin. In addition, Spinbackup is the first vendor to provide Google Team Drives backup & recovery.

Spinbackup dashboard apr 21

    1. 3rd-party Apps Audit

When you have lots of applications connected to your G Suite domain, it is very time consuming to examine every app carefully. Spinbackup provides its unique expertise and machine learning algorithms to help you manage security risks of any application that has access to your corporate data. Spinbackup will keep an eye on these apps around the clock and fix security breaches in your organization. Every new app is going to be examined by Spinbackup for security threats.  

Spinbackup 3rd party apps high risk

    1. Sensitive Data Audit

Data Audit is a great monitoring tool to help G Suite Administrator fix data leaks cases automatically on the fly and improve data compliance in the company.

Spinbackup google drive shared items

    1. Insider Threats Detection

Domain Audit is a powerful monitoring tool that indicates your company’s real time security status to allow G Suite administrators choose the best incident response plan and react fast in case of any insider security threats. In the long run, it is a great instrument to investigate incidents that have happened long time ago, since we keep unlimited activity history.

Spinbackup domain audit increased risk

    1. Security Alerts

Security Alerts save you time and allow you to focus on other stuff. You don’t need to check your Spinbackup account to monitor real time security, Spinbackup will notify you if the security issues occur.

Spinbackup security alerts update

How Are We Different from the Competition?

  • Automatic Ransomware Protection – Spinbackup is a unique data protection solution against ransomware that provides automatic virus detection and damaged files recovery with no human factor involved.
  • Data Loss and Leaks Protection in One Location – Spinbackup protects customers against both problems in one platform. This also means one invoice, one support, and one dashboard.
  • True Data Loss Protection – We provide an advanced snapshot backup with Versioning which allows customers to restore previous versions of their data from back in time.
  • Amazon AWS Ecosystem – We store customers data at the world’s most trusted and secure cloud storage. We also provide an ability for our customers to select a location to store their data. Locations range from USA, Europe, Asia and Australia. In some cases this is a core requirement due to local regulation.
  • Excellent Customer Support and Customer Success Experience – In addition to 24/7 email and phone support, we provide 24/7 online chat support on our website. Also, we take care of our customers, assigning them a personal account manager for questions and help, and a personal customer success manager to make sure they are happy with their purchase.

Spinbackup is the right solution for organizations of all sizes, including small, medium, educational, and enterprise. It makes your life as G Suite administrator easier and more efficient, protecting your company from Data Leaks, Data Loss, Ransomware and Insider Threats 24/7/365.

Enhance your security strategy. Try Spinbackup for free now!

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