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How Automated Backup Prevents Data Loss Disasters

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How Automated Backup Prevents Data Loss Disasters

As cloud services gain popularity data loss, data corruption and data store in the cloud become main concerns for internet users. There are several cloud services on the market including Spinbackup which provide cloud-to-cloud backup and disaster recovery services to solve these significant concerns.

Nowadays everyone agrees that backing up sensitive data on a DAILY basis is the only solution to prevent data loss disasters and keep your cloud data safe. Usually services provide 2 options to back up your critical data: Manual Backup and Automated Backup.

Let’s talk a bit more about importance of Automated Backup and benefits it provides to end users.

Data Loss Prevention Techniques

      1. Backup Schedule.Many users of cloud-to-cloud backup services usually use Manual Backup as a main tool to back up their sensitive data but they don’t pay much attention to number of benefits that Automated Backup provides for Data Loss Prevention. First of all you can set up a daily backup at a specific time. Setting up this option properly means an absolute protection from the most common causes of data loss. Since 70% data loss disasters happen due to end users mistakes, it’s very important to set up your Automated Backup Scheduler properly. Here at Spinbackup we recommend the following automated backup settings:
        • For Individual Google users. It’s going to be on early morning before your full time job or later evening before you go to sleep. So, in case if data loss or corruption happens during a day you will be able to restore it the same day or the next one.
        • For Google Apps domain organizations. The best time for the next Google Apps backup is early morning before the start of your working day. In that case you will have the latest backup of your data. We don’t recommend to setup it evening since some employees from your team who are workaholics may proceed working far into the night. We think 3AM-4AM is the best time for the automated backup scheduler.

      2. Save Time.Our research indicated that it takes about 5 minutes per day (min) to manage a Manual Backup for an average Individual Google user and turns into 150 minutes per month or 30 hours a year. We do believe that your time is priceless so automated backup is going to take care of it and save you a lot of time which can be invested in business or personal life.
      3. Human factor free.Human mistakes always take place in our life. People can forget to do a backup. They can be lazy to do it. They can be tired or sick or on vacations, or they don’t do it due to any other reason. Highly innovative automated G Suite backup solution doesn’t make mistakes. It can’t forget. It can’t go for vacations. It can’t be sick. It can’t be tired. It’s working hard 24/7/365!

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