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Daily Automated Backups Disabled for FREE Plan

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Daily Automated Backups Disabled for FREE Plan

Dear Spinbackup Users,

We are happy to see how our membership is growing every day and we are backing up tens of thousands of businesses and end users daily. Given that automated daily backups require more server resources, man-hours and a new level of support, we’ve decided to disable Daily, automated backups for the FREE account plan and move this feature to the paid plans for a low price of $0.99/month.

This small fee will save you a lot of time, safeguard your critical data and help us invest more efforts into areas of privacy protection, better support as well as new useful features. Please find out more about FREE and paid plans difference at our plans page.

New users will be able to use daily automated backups for the first 30 days free trial.

We kindly ask our existing FREE account plan users who require automated daily backups to upgrade their accounts before May 1, 2014 for a special price of only $0.99/month.

Our team greatly appreciates all the feedback we receive. This feedback helps us to improve Spinbackup and take it to a new level.

Thank you for using Spinbackup!


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