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Benefits of Partnering with Spinbackup

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Benefits of Partnering with Spinbackup
Partnership with Spinbackup
Spinbackup understands the challenges a client faces when protecting the data from the risk of data loss. As a Spinbackup Partner, you can help ensure that your customers have the best backup and recovery capabilities for their G Suite data.
Engaging with Spinbackup is not only easy to do, it offers new ways for you to make money for yourself.
We offer two distinct ways to ways to engage with us: the Spinbackup Reseller Program and our Partner Program. Both provide benefits to both you and your customers. Read on Reseller Program.

Partnering is designed for smaller resellers, consultants and even customers who wish to recommend Spinbackup to their customers, clients and colleagues. Ready to get started?
Every Google Apps customer needs Spinbackup. With our service you can help them get it at a significant easy way – and earn along it.
This is how it works:

Step 1: Become our customer

Create a paid Spinbackup account (or just sign into if you have it). Go to your Dashboard and click Users.

Step 2: Invite users.
Before inviting users to your account you have to purchase extra users. Go to Upgrade panel and add users. Now you can invite any Google user.


Step 3: Start managing your customers accounts
You are the Admin who manages each customer pricing plan. You maintain full ownership of the billing relationship in your account. Spinbackup gets paid for users and storage according to our regular pricing and you can earn fee that is above it. The more people are invited, the more money you’ll make.
You may cancel or resend the  invitation until the user joins your Spinbackup account.
After your client followed your invitation, joined Spinbackup and proceeded the first backup you can see how much storage was used. In case your client is running out of storage you may upgrade your account anytime you want.
Frankly speaking, we require nothing from you – no obligations. And that’s the biggest benefit of partnering with Spinbackup.
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