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Big Update: April – May BUZZ

Big Update: April – May BUZZ


Spinbackup backs up and secures your personal or office Google Apps data. Our focus for the last two months has been increasing the speed and reliability of backup processes while expanding the types of services able to be backed up.

Today we announced a big update. Please see below a list of updates and significant progress that occurred in April and May:

  1. Gmail backup has been completely revamped with performance improvements of up to 70%.
  2. In addition, Google+ Photos (formerly Picasa) backup is now faster.
  3. NEW! We expanded our product offering and this month successfully launched 2 new Google Apps backup services:
    • Google Contacts backup & recovery,
    • Google Tasks backup & recovery.
  4.  The entire OAuth2.0 authorization system was redesigned to heighten security.
  5. User interface improvement and review is a daily process which is initiated by users such as yourself that send us their feedback. We conduct a thorough review of each received feedback and make every effort to streamline and remediate interface problems as soon as possible.

    In April we improved the organization of the Y-TREE interface folders and subfolders, along with the names of backup services. The “Schedule Settings” interface was also completely revamped and now allows you to work with folders.

  6. Real-time stat was added. Now you can see account changes online without refreshing your browser.
  7. The History Report was redesigned to provide a better & more ‘user friendly’ interface.
  8. The Report section and Login section for the iPhone, iPad and Android versions have been slightly improved, along with fixing a few minor bugs. Now it is quicker and more ‘user friendly’.
  9. The sign-in & registration forms have been simplified.
  10. Our customer care now provides better qualified email support. Don’t hesitate to send us additional feedback.
  11. The Web site front-end design was slightly improved.
  12. We reviewed our business model and improved Plans and Pricing. New plans offer more users, more cloud storage for the same price. Read more about it at our Plans and Pricing page.
  13. Finally, additional minor bug fixes have improved reliability.

We hope you like our progress and as always we’d love to hear your feedback.

Thank you very much for all our users who help us to drive Spinbackup!
The Spinbackup Team

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