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Spinbackup Advances Data Protection Through Blockchain

Spinbackup Advances Data Protection Through Blockchain

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Spinbackup to Provide the Security Bridge Between Blockchain and Traditional Cloud Services

SAN FRANCISCO – October 11, 2017 – Spinbackup, a Google Cloud partner and leading cloud cybersecurity and cloud-to-cloud backup solutions provider for SaaS data, announced today the upcoming launch of its blockchain-based solutions for cloud-stored data and single sign-on access. The company aims to provide the most secure environment for data by replacing passwords with a blockchain recording process and moving data to a decentralized storage using blockchain technology. Participants will have the opportunity to take part in the Spinbackup token sale in October.

Nearly 2 billion data records were lost or stolen worldwide in the first six months of 2017, eroding consumer trust in existing data storage and security measures. Hackers gain unauthorized access to accounts through increasingly sophisticated phishing attacks, causing you to lose your critical data completely. Spinbackup’s solution combats both fronts by creating a password-free login through the blockchain, and by automatically backing up data on decentralized storage.

“Spinbackup removes the human factor for data security to fully automate data protection, and adding blockchain technology allows us to provide an extra level of security,” said Dmitry Dontsov, Founder and CEO of Spinbackup. “This level of protection is unparalleled in a cybersecurity community, and we look forward to earning the blockchain community’s support as we continually enhance our service.”

The company will issue utility tokens called SPIN Tokens, which will provide access to the SPIN Data Protection Platform that will include a set of data loss and leak protection solutions exclusively available for token holders. Registered platform users may use these solutions with a 50% discount, or may also resell them to traditional cloud users.

For more information on Spinbackup, please visit https://ico.spinbackup.com/


Founded in 2014, Spinbackup, Inc. is a cloud cybersecurity company that provides secure data loss and leak protection solutions for G Suite. Thousands of customers rely on Spinbackup solutions to safeguard their data, including the University of Tokyo, Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts, Seattle Academy, and many more.


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