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Spinbackup for Business: 2017 Updates

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Spinbackup for Business: 2017 Updates

Spinbackup for Business Updates 2016-2017

Since the official release of Spinbackup for Business in 2016, there have been many exciting updates to the service. Please read on to find out more about our latest updates in Backup & Recovery and in Cybersecurity sections.

Spinbackup for Business is available in two different plans:

  • Backup and Recoveryfull automated daily backup of G Suite with full version control, data restore, and account migration options.
  •  – complete protection from data loss and leak disasters with 3rd-party apps audit and user activity monitoring.

New Features for Backup & Restore

1. Gmail Blacklist

This feature is especially valuable if you were infected with a virus via email or you’ve got a phishing email. It can also be used to stop spam and promotion letters from being recovered. Adding emails to the Blacklist will stop them from being recovered along with the rest of your mail. You can set up filters by subject or by sender. To avoid reinfection after recovering your email, you can set up a filter for the infected message and recover your mailbox without it.


See more details on how to use this feature in our Gmail Blacklist: How to Block Unwanted Emails Recovery article.

2. 3x a Day Automated Backup

Now there is an ability to select your automated backup frequency: once a day or 3 times a day. This is an enterprise-class feature that’s especially useful for companies with offices in different locations across varying time zones. With 3 times a day backup, backups are made every 8 hours. This ensures that G Suite data is backed up at least once during the working day, whatever timezone you’re working in. Please note, this feature is available in the Cybersecurity and Backup plan only.


3. Google Drive Shared Items Backup & Restore

You can set up automatic backup for all shared items in your organization. You can set this as the default autobackup setting, or separately for every user.


4. Lost & Found for Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Sites

Spinbackup saves the last 100 snapshots of every account. However, even files that fall outside this range are always backed up and recoverable.

If there was an item in your account that was once backed up, but does not exist in the available 100 versions (i.e. it was deleted more than 100 versions ago) you can find it in the Lost & Found section.


More information on how to use this feature is in our Restore-in-time Machine and Version Control article.

5. Downloads Page

Items downloaded within the last 3 days are available for re-download in the Download section.

Spinbackup Google download archive

More info in the How to Download Google Data from Spinbackup to a Local Device article. 

Cloud Cybersecurity Features

1. Data Audit: Items Shared with 3rd-party Users

In the Data Audit section, you can view all files and folders that have been shared by employees to third-party users outside the organization.

The data audit provides a list of items that have been shared alongside the owner of the file, the email addresses of people shared with, and the time most recently shared.

Specific files and folders can be searched for, and sharing can be cancelled to revoke access permissions.


Read the Data Audit of File Sharing article for more details.

2. Data Audit: Credit Card Numbers

The administrator can monitor employees’ Gmail for credit card numbers that are stored in email messages. Spinbackup is currently the only service that monitors this in Gmail. Credit card number (CCN) detection can be activated in the Settings.

Spinbackup credit card number detection

In the Gmail backup interface, you can see the icon indicating a message containing a CCN. You will also receive email and/or slack notifications if a message is created containing a CCN.


3. Apps Blacklist and Automated Deletion

It is now possible to add risky 3rd-party apps to a blacklist of apps that are prohibited within the organization. If any app on the blacklist requests access to corporate data, Spinbackup will automatically block access.


Apps on the automated deletion list will be removed from the devices of employees.

More info in 3rd-party Apps Audit article.

4. Introduced .csv and .xls Reports for Apps Audit and Data Audit

Reports from the 3rd-party Apps Audit and Data Shared with 3rd-party Users can now be downloaded in .csv and .xls formats for your own records and analysis.


Management features

1. Time Zone Settings

You can now set a time zone for your organization as a whole or for any specific organizational unit.

Spinbackup timezones

2. Assign Administrators With Customizable Permissions

By default, only route administrator has access to a business account. However it’s now also possible to give any user admin-level access and customize their administrator permissions as required.


You can read more information about these permissions and how to assign a user as admin in How to Assign Additional Administrators and Manage Their Access Levels article.

Spinbackup User Guides

As well as the major updates to the Spinbackup service, we’ve also been working on detailed user guides and additional information about cloud security and backup to improve the data security knowledge of our users.


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