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API-based CASB is capable to fully consolidate multiple types of enterprise security policy enforcement.

Top Cloud Data Breaches in 2018 Lessons Learned

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top cloud data breaches in 2018

Gaining news exposure is generally a good thing for most businesses, especially if it is something positive presented. However, there is one type of headline that no organization wants to make. In recent years, there has been an explosion of almost unbelievable data breaches making news headlines that have resulted in anything but a positive outcome for the organizations involved.

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Prevent Phishing Attacks in G Suite and Office 365

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prevent phishing attacks in g suite and office 365

Security threats are among the most alarming concerns for IT professionals and C-level executives alike. In one major security breach, a company can literally be taken out of business, depending on the nature of the breach and the data that was exposed. There are many different types of security vulnerabilities and concerns that organizations today need to be aware of, however, some of the most successful types of compromising techniques used by threat actors are often the most basic and traditional methods that have been used for years.

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How to Implement an Ultimate SaaS Safety Plan

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How can organizations easily implement the required aspects of a SaaS safety plan?

Maintaining the availability to data and services are two of the most important technical feats that businesses today must achieve when protecting business-critical IT infrastructure. For decades, the traditional server backup has been protecting on-premises files, folders, and business applications for SMBs. As digital information and data have become an integral part of business operations for most organizations, protecting these digital resources is a mission-critical task that must be taken seriously.

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API based CASB: How to Address the Cloud Security Gap

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How to address the cloud security gap with API based CASBs

In today’s world of hybrid cloud infrastructures using both on-premise resources as well as public cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), the security boundary lines are being blurred for organizations taking advantage of public cloud resources. While hosting infrastructure both on-premise and in the public cloud, organizations have to address cyber security concerns as well as enforce compliance of on-premise network security policies with infrastructure that lives in the cloud.

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Cloud Security Checklist

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Cloud Security Checklist. Everything CSO needs to know

With droves of today’s organizations moving to cloud environments at a rapid pace, there is no question that cloud infrastructure is a viable solution for today’s production workloads. The cloud has certainly matured as a platform and solution for today’s business-critical applications.

Organizations have chosen to run not only production virtual machines on top of cloud infrastructure but also business services such as email and file storage. The cloud revolution has brought about significant changes in the way that businesses today think about provisioning infrastructure. It has also changed the methodologies used in traditional infrastructure that exists on-premises.

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CASB: Decisive Role of Cloud Access Security Brokers

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The importance of Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASBs) grows as businesses rapidly adopt new cloud collaboration technologies and platforms. Enterprise security professionals need to thoroughly assess the risks, communicate those to business leaders, and develop practical cybersecurity, risk management, and compliance strategies to build a secure and resilient digital business environment. Cloud computing has fundamentally transformed the business paradigm: according to Morgan Stanley 2016 CIO Survey, 30% of all applications will be migrated to the Public Cloud by 2018.

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Cyber Security Awareness and Risk Management

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Cyber Security Awareness

In this article we will learn how to address and effectively respond to major enterprise cybersecurity threats and provide tips to mitigate IT security risk. Today, cyber security incidents lead to significant damage, alarming organizations of all types and  sizes in different geographic locations. In 2017 the following primary sectors, increasingly turning to cloud, file-sharing services, and big data technology, top the list of  the most high-target industry verticals vulnerable to cyber-attacks:

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How Machine Learning Can Advance Cybersecurity Landscape

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How Machine Learning Can Advance Cybersecurity Landscape

Businesses today are gathering huge amounts of data. Data is at the heart of just about any business-critical system you can think of. This also includes infrastructure systems. Today’s high-tech infrastructure, including network and cybersecurity systems are gathering tremendous amounts of data and analytics on most key aspects of mission-critical systems. While human beings still provide the key operational oversight and intelligent insights into today’s infrastructure, machine learning and artificial intelligence are gaining huge momentum in most areas of today’s systems, whether positioned on-premise or in the cloud.

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Secure Your Data with Cloud Agnostic API-driven CASB

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Spinbackup’s API driven CASB, businesses can safely, effectively, and confidently utilize public cloud resource

Traditional security mechanisms in today’s hybrid network configurations are simply no longer effective as a means to secure communications and data for organizations. Today’s end user’s no longer fit the traditional work force coming from behind the same firewall, IP subnet, and crossing through the same firewall to get to the Internet/public cloud environments. Today’s highly mobile workforce make use of a variety of devices including a mix of BYOD devices as well as corporate issued devices. This creates the challenge of being able to secure data from these various endpoints as well as to apply various organizational policies so as to create a homogenous security posture across the board for various devices.

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