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How to Protect Your G Suite Admin Account Against Hijacking

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As a G Suite domain administrator, have you ever thought how often password cracking attempts are made on your account at Google? Are you even aware if an unauthorized attempt to access your account has taken place?

The Google admin console is a very useful feature of G Suite that can be put to good use by  G Suite administrators in businesses, schools, and other organizations. From the admin console it is possible to manage several administrative tasks, however the power it gives also means that it can be very dangerous if it falls into the wrong hands.

Have you ever thought what happens with users and data if a cyber-criminal can somehow access your G Suite admin account?

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How to Prevent Data Leaks When an Employee is Leaving

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spinbackup CASE STUDY how to prevent data leaks

One of our customers, a company that is the leading CRM solutions provider, facing a problem when an employee left the company and tried to get access to corporate data. Thanks to Spinbackup’s innovative security tools, the company could securely transfer the employee’s data to another account to be managed and monitor the employee’s behavior until his departure.

Dealing properly with departing employees is important for any business to prevent data leaks, particularly if that employee has had access to sensitive corporate data.

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G Suite for Education: Ransomware Protection Case

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Ransomware Case StudyGurnick Academy of Medical Arts is a private nursing school in California with around 400 employees and over 2,000 students.

A few months ago the school faced a data loss disaster caused by Ransomware when an instructor inadvertently infected his classroom computer with the virus that had been brought from home on a USB drive. When the instructor tried to access his lectures, he found that all the files had been encrypted. Instead he was faced with a note from ransomware criminals demanding 1 bitcoin ($740) to decrypt the files.

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