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We will take a look at cloud migration and the challenges that exist in various scenarios of migrating to the cloud from on-premise, and between specific public cloud vendors such as between Google and Microsoft public clouds.

How Banks Can Enhance Security of Office 365 and G Suite

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How Banks Can Enhance Security of Office 365 and G Suite
The move to the cloud has been somewhat of a foregone conclusion among most businesses today. The services and products that are offered by public cloud vendors often provide solutions that would otherwise be financially or technically unattainable by businesses building out similar infrastructure on-premises. Public cloud has tremendous advantages for many business use cases. Various industries are taking advantage of the public cloud to host many different business-critical services such as email and file storage. However, there are other services housed in public clouds today that can enhance business productivity and collaboration.

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Migrating from On Premise to Google G Suite

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Migrating form on premise to g suite

Organizations today are certainly looking to migrate to public cloud services. The overall numbers of businesses moving to public cloud infrastructure and services is staggering and that trend is still progressing. While the “death of the corporate datacenter” has not entirely happened and may not happen completely, public cloud environments are being utilized and utilized heavily by today’s businesses.

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Migrating from On Premise to Microsoft Office 365

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Migrating from On Premise to Microsoft Office 365

Migrating from On Premise to Microsoft Office 365

Businesses moving to the public cloud today look for powerful solutions that allow them to be more mobile, agile, and technology progressive than keeping infrastructure only in on-premise datacenters. There are certainly many options available to organizations today. Organizations comparing different public cloud vendors have to consider and weigh out the services offered as well as the cost for those services as one cloud provider may align more closely to the business needs and objectives than another cloud provider.

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Risks of Relying on a Sole Cloud Service Provider

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What are the risks of relying on a sole cloud service provider

Organizations today have no end of choices when it comes to managing, maintaining, and protecting their data. The variety of choices and solutions that businesses today have available have only since expanded in recent years with the exploding cloud marketspace. Numerous cloud offerings from various companies vouch to house your business’s data. There are many different factors that may lead to an organization choosing a particular cloud provider over another. Services and offerings from one public cloud vendor may more closely align with the true business needs of an organization. Pricing and other factors also weigh into the picture. Where production data is stored is only part of the equation.

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Office 365 Migration Guide

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In the first part of the Office 365 Migration Guide Migrating from On Premise to Microsoft Office 365, we looked at the features and services that often attract organizations to choose Office 365 as a migration target for public cloud. Microsoft has certainly architected a powerful and fully featured solution for organizations in the Office 365 offering. Office 365 builds on top of the very familiar Office suite of products that most enterprise environments have been using for years. This trusted and well-known platform provides one of the key reasons that many organizations choose Office 365 for public cloud – familiarity.

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Cloud Migration Guide: Migrating from Office 365 to G Suite

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There can be many reasons that organizations today who are invested in Google’s G Suite environment choose to migrate to Microsoft’s Office 365 SaaS environment.

A lot of ground has been covered in the cloud migration series. Migrating to the public cloud and between public clouds is certainly not a trivial matter. Proper planning and consideration for business-critical data and services along the way is essential to ensure a smooth transition between environments. In the last part of the series, the migration from Google’s G Suite environment to Microsoft Office 365 was covered. There can be many reasons that organizations today who are invested in Google’s G Suite environment choose to migrate to Microsoft’s Office 365 SaaS environment.

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Migrating from G Suite to Office 365. Cloud Migration Guide

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 organizations may choose one public server provider over another when comparing Google G Suite and Microsoft Office 365

In the last two posts on cloud migration, we have talked at some length about migrations from on-premise environments to public cloud environments. First, we discussed the scenario of migrating from on-premise to the Google G Suite public cloud, why organizations choose G Suite, and some of the challenges that are encountered with this move. Next, we looked at the similar scenario involving migrating from on-premise environments to Microsoft Office 365. As shown, both migrations will offer challenges to organizations who are familiar with managing and configuring traditional infrastructure.

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Cloud Migration Guide Introduction

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cloud migration guide introduction
There has never been a better time for organizations today to move to the public cloud than there is today in 2018. Public cloud services from all the major players are more robust, mature, and full featured than ever before. Most organizations are looking to move at least part of their IT infrastructure to the public cloud if they haven’t already. This is certainly a trend that will not be going away any time soon.

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How to Migrate G Suite Data After an Employee Leaves

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Migrating G Suite Data of Ex-Employees

Secure G Suite data migration is highly recommended when an employee leaves or has been fired from your organization, to help you tackle the problem of how to handle the data stored within his Google account. While some G Suite administrators may be tempted to delete the account for security reasons, this is usually not the best option as there may be vital files and emails stored within G Suite. Let’s discover how to migrate G Suite data to another account.

Once the account is deleted from Google, all files and data that were stored there are gone forever. If you discover that a vital business document was in a deleted user’s account, there is no way to retrieve it. In addition, access to apps such as Google Analytics or AdWords may be lost if that employee was the privileged user for these services.

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