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7 Things a Perfect G Suite Admin Should Do

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G Suite admin tasks

As a G Suite admin, you have important responsibilities. First and foremost, you have to make your company’s data secure. G Suite is a collection of Google cloud computing apps and tools to help you. In this 7-step guide, we will show you how to admin Google G Suite in a secure and effective way.

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G Suite Security: Top 6 Risks to Avoid

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Google Security Check Up

G Suite is a perfect collaboration tool. Admins agree with that. End users agree with that. We all agree with that.

But when it comes to data threats, no one is untouchable. The risks are especially true for cloud services where everything is connected. One wrong link can ruin a whole chain of files an entire department relies on. Our clients face security risks every day, but they know how to prevent them.

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How to Securely Plan an Employee Exit with G Suite

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How to migrate data of an employee in G Suite

A survey, conducted by Intermedia, found that 89% of ex-employees retained access to corporate apps containing sensitive information, including G Suite after they leave the company. What is even more disturbing, 49% of them admitted to logging into a corporate account after their employment contract ended.

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Security Awareness Training across an SMB Organization

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security awareness training for smb

Despite all the technological solutions to any problem in today’s world, there is always the human-factor to consider. The best technology cannot account for the actions and specifically the mistakes that humans can make which may totally undermine the solution that technology provides. This is especially true in the world of security. The best security defenses can be totally compromised by a single individual making the wrong decision, either accidentally or knowingly.

When considering a fully featured and well thought out security plan, the human factor is an extremely important part of the equation, and arguably just as important as the technology component of the solution. In this article, we will take a look at cyber security awareness across an SMB organization.

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Top Ransomware Attacks in the Cloud in 2018

Top Ransomware attacks in the Cloud in 2018

There is certainly no shortage of cloud security concerns for businesses today. There are constantly new headlines, blog posts, statistics, and other information pointing to the fact that security breaches, malware, ransomware, data leak events, phishing and other security concerns are not going away. In fact, they escalating as attackers are getting more proficient with delivery mechanisms and new ways of infiltrating networks and end user systems. The stakes today are higher than ever before. Data is driving business for most organizations who utilize technology to carry out normal business operations. Unlike only a decade or so ago, the number of businesses who don’t utilize technology for some type of business-critical operation is few and far between.

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Prevent Phishing Attacks in G Suite and Office 365

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prevent phishing attacks in g suite and office 365

Security threats are among the most alarming concerns for IT professionals and C-level executives alike. In one major security breach, a company can literally be taken out of business, depending on the nature of the breach and the data that was exposed. There are many different types of security vulnerabilities and concerns that organizations today need to be aware of, however, some of the most successful types of compromising techniques used by threat actors are often the most basic and traditional methods that have been used for years.

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Ultimate Compliance Guide for Public Cloud

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ultimate compliance guide for public cloud

There are many incredibly interesting and fast-moving currents in the public cloud movement for information technology landscapes today. The digital landscape for the enterprise is continuing to become more cloud-centric and complex, with hybrid networks extending between on-premises and public cloud and even between public clouds. This is creating multi-cloud environments, spanning public cloud vendors and often numerous on-premises sites. Data is becoming more centralized to cloud, instead of on-premises. This is creating exciting opportunities for innovation and agility. However, cloud infrastructure is creating complexities when it comes to the world of security and compliance regulations.

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G Suite Security Guide

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ultimate g suite security guide

In this Ultimate G Suite Security Guide we will introduce you the powerful tools and G Suite Security best practices, that Spinbackup provides for G Suite administrators to able to meet best practices when it comes to securing the organization against data leak and potential disaster.

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Top 7 SaaS Security Gaps for SMBs

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Top 7 SaaS Security Gaps for SMBs

The use and prevalence of Software-as-a-Service in today’s modern IT infrastructure is undergoing strong adoption. Organizations today are housing business-critical services such as Email and Data storage to popular Software-as-a-Service offerings from the likes of Microsoft’s Office 365 and Google’s G Suite. These powerful SaaS offerings allow businesses to have access to premiere services and offerings that would otherwise be complex, difficult, or unable to be implemented on-premises.

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How Banks Can Enhance Security of Office 365 and G Suite

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How Banks Can Enhance Security of Office 365 and G Suite
The move to the cloud has been somewhat of a foregone conclusion among most businesses today. The services and products that are offered by public cloud vendors often provide solutions that would otherwise be financially or technically unattainable by businesses building out similar infrastructure on-premises. Public cloud has tremendous advantages for many business use cases. Various industries are taking advantage of the public cloud to host many different business-critical services such as email and file storage. However, there are other services housed in public clouds today that can enhance business productivity and collaboration.

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