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All about Spinbackup ICO campaign.
The most anticipated ICO of 2017 starts October 18th, 2017

SPIN Token Sale Rescheduled

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Dear contributors,

As you know, the ICO market is constantly changing, and the regulations differ based on jurisdiction. As a US based company with an extensive customer portfolio, Spinbackup wants to make sure we proceed in compliance with the US law and regulations. Our primary focus is to keep our investors, customers, and potential token holders satisfied.

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Smart Investment into Decentralized Economy

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Investement Decentralized Economy

Blockchain Innovations Travel Easy and Far

Ideas, inventions, devices, and technology innovations spread readily and far across the world. In the 21st century, Blockchain is growing into a new technological institution that will fundamentally change how people exchange value and build trust. It will become a game-changer for existing formal institutions such as government, finance, and corporate, and will remove and reduce major constraints to economic development, including bribery and intransparency of supply chains. It will also greatly influence the cultural and financial exchange in the world.

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Spinbackup Announces SPIN Token Campaign Launch

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Spinbackup Token Sale

Today, Spinbackup announces the launch of its SPIN Token Sale campaign to sell its own digital tokens (SPIN tokens). ISPIN Token Sale will help build two ultimate solutions: Blockchain Single Sign On for G Suite and Office 365 as data leak protection, and Cloud-to-Blockchain Backup for G Suite and Office 365 to a decentralized storage for data loss protection.

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