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WannaCry Ransomware – a Call for Enhanced Cyber Hygiene

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Wannacry ransomware spinbackup

Only one week has passed after a mass phishing attack hit the Gmail users, and the world came under attack by a new global cyber threat called WannaCry ransomware. One month ahead – new victims of WannaCry occur: the Honda car plant and Australian government contractor. These attacks, as our security experts predict, might become the turning point for individuals and organizations all over the world in strengthening their cyber security.

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Google Phishing Attack: Security Experts’ Analytics and Predictions

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Google phishing attack - Spinbackup

The Internet blew up with the latest news about Gmail phishing attack. You have probably read tons of material about this issue and how sophisticatedly it was organized. However, all of this news has likely left you frustrated and without a satisfactory answer to these three questions:

  1. What was the goal?
  2. What can we expect?
  3. What should we do next?

Our security experts give the answers.

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Google Drive Introduces New Features for Enterprises

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Google Drive Introduces New Features For Enterprises

Across the Google cloud ecosystem lies one of the most crucial organizational storage viz. Drive. Google Drive is the major application component of G Suite – which is primarily a collection of multiple applications used for enhancing productivity and collaboration across the enterprise. Google Drive is primarily a platform to store all of an organization and individual data within a single place. This data can be accessed securely in a controlled manner across multiple platforms.

In March 2017, at the Google Next conference, Google announced new improvements and enrichments to Google Drive via introducing multiple features resulting in more secure service and striking for enterprise customers. Even though security has always been a priority for G Suite applications, the new features introduced transcend security along with enhancing access, collaborative and migration capabilities.

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Happy World Backup Day 2016!

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 Today is the 5th anniversary of the World Backup Day. 5 years of raising awareness about the importance of protection from data loss and doing data backup. New threats are pushing us to take care of our data in depth.

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A new easy way to hack your Google Drive and DropBox accounts has been detected!

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A new easy way to hack your Google Drive and DropBox accounts has been detected!

Beware! The latest news of cyber security industry is more than disturbing. According to Imperva Hacker Intelligence Initiative report – a well known cyber security company – hackers may now easily get access to all users’ files in cloud services such as Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, and Box, if they are able to get into the computer, on which the clients of these services are installed. Moreover, the hackers won’t need the logins and passwords to access data in the users’ accounts.

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Google+ Stories Appearing As Individual Google Now Cards

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Since it’s spring, Easter and Passover, it’s amazing time to get together with your family and create new memories in photos and stories. So here it is! Google Now continues to add more features to its cards and now it’s Stories from your Google+ Photos. We are happy to claim that Google+ Stories Appearing As Individual Google Now Cards. If you are a Google+ user (with Stories enabled) you may see new notifications in Google Now when a new story has been compiled. The stories are Auto-generated by having the Auto Awesome feature switched on in photos with your location history as well.  So each time when and where you take lots of photos, Google photos will automatically put them into a “story” where you can see a slideshow of your photos from your recent events. Isn’t it wonderful? So now rather than having to go to your photo album to see your stories, the most recent one will show up in your Google Now cards. The card shows a preview of the story( story name, number of moments and the date of the story ), which you can then tap to go to Google+ and publish for your friends to see otherwise it’s only a digital memory of yours.
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Say Goodbye to Google Wallet!

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The “Google Wallet for digital goods” API is now officially retired as Google announced today. According to Google – this change only applies to web developers accepting payments for digital goods on their own websites using the “Google Wallet for digital goods” API.

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