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Happy World Backup Day 2016!

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 Today is the 5th anniversary of the World Backup Day. 5 years of raising awareness about the importance of protection from data loss and doing data backup. New threats are pushing us to take care of our data in depth.

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A new easy way to hack your Google Drive and DropBox accounts has been detected!

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A new easy way to hack your Google Drive and DropBox accounts has been detected!

Beware! The latest news of cyber security industry is more than disturbing. According to Imperva Hacker Intelligence Initiative report – a well known cyber security company – hackers may now easily get access to all users’ files in cloud services such as Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, and Box, if they are able to get into the computer, on which the clients of these services are installed. Moreover, the hackers won’t need the logins and passwords to access data in the users’ accounts.

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Google+ Stories Appearing As Individual Google Now Cards

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Since it’s spring, Easter and Passover, it’s amazing time to get together with your family and create new memories in photos and stories. So here it is! Google Now continues to add more features to its cards and now it’s Stories from your Google+ Photos. We are happy to claim that Google+ Stories Appearing As Individual Google Now Cards. If you are a Google+ user (with Stories enabled) you may see new notifications in Google Now when a new story has been compiled. The stories are Auto-generated by having the Auto Awesome feature switched on in photos with your location history as well.  So each time when and where you take lots of photos, Google photos will automatically put them into a “story” where you can see a slideshow of your photos from your recent events. Isn’t it wonderful? So now rather than having to go to your photo album to see your stories, the most recent one will show up in your Google Now cards. The card shows a preview of the story( story name, number of moments and the date of the story ), which you can then tap to go to Google+ and publish for your friends to see otherwise it’s only a digital memory of yours.
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Get 2GB Free Drive Storage for the Safer Internet Day

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Safer Internet Day 2015
In honor of celebrated The Safer Internet Day, Google wants you to check up your account security, and its willing to bribe you to do it. Just take 45 seconds or so to complete a security checkup by February 17th and Google will add an extra 2GB to your Google Drive storage allowance till the 28th of February.

“This Safer Internet Day, we’re reminded how important online safety is and hope you’ll use this as an opportunity to take 2 minutes to complete a simple Security Checkup […] As our way of saying thanks for completing the checkup by 17 February 2015, we’ll give you a permanent 2 gigabyte bump in your Google Drive storage plan…” Google said in a blog post.
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The Worst Passwords of 2014

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That’s exactly the time to analyze last year mistakes. Let’s start with redefining our privacy and security. Here is the annual list of the 25 most frequently passwords found on the Internet and exactly thus turns them to be named the “Worst Passwords”, that will expose anybody to being hacked or having their identities stolen. 
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Holiday Greetings from Spinbackup!

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Dear friends,
We would like to congratulate you and your family on the beginning of this wonderful Holiday season.
May your Merry Christmas and Happy New Year be filled with Peace, Love, Joy, Prosperityand Health!

We’re very grateful for our partnership and we highly appreciate it… and wishing you the “Restore” button will never happen in 2015…:)

Yours sincerely,

The Spinbackup Team

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