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How to Recover Deleted Items in Office 365

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How to restore deleted files in Office 365

If you are here, you’ve probably deleted an Outlook email or attached file. No worries, we’ll show you how to recover deleted items in Office 365.

There are several ways to do that. These ways are Recovery from Deleted Items, Recovery from Recoverable Items, Recover Office 365 deleted items as an Admin. We’ll give a step-by-step guide for each of them.

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How to Backup Office 365 Data: Ultimate Office 365 Backup Guide

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How to Backup Office 365

Documents, emails, passwords – your company’s daily routine depends on them. Microsoft Office 365, a leading SaaS solution, helps you to manage your company’s data. The service hosts data in the cloud built upon Microsoft’s world-class infrastructure.

The importance of your data can’t be overestimated, so you need a way to ensure the data is secure. Office 365 provides some embedded security options, yet additional solutions are required to match the highest security standards. That’s why a reliable backup is exactly what you need.

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How to Secure Office 365 in 12 Steps

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Best practices to secure your Office 365

Cloud is a safe place to work, and yes, we know you’ve heard otherwise. Cloud collaboration services like Office 365 invest millions of dollars in security upgrades. Developers are continually implementing enhanced protection in response to incessant new threats.

However, despite all measures Microsoft is taking to protect your data, no one is entirely safe. The range of threats is extensive: a million types of malware, data leakages, and losses take place every minute. That is why cautiousness has to become your best friend.

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Office 365 Admin Best Practices

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Office 365 Admin Best Practices

Businesses are quickly moving business-critical systems, data, services, and other roles to the public cloud. Public cloud environments are becoming increasingly powerful, with new features and functionality being added regularly. Microsoft’s Office 365 public cloud is an extremely popular and feature-rich cloud offering that provides numerous capabilities to businesses wanting to migrate resources from on-premises to the public cloud.

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Office 365 Backup. The Cost of Data Loss

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Office 365 backup.The Cost of Data Loss

Data is at the very heart of today’s businesses, both large and small. In the past, the criticality of data was more of a concern for larger corporations. In today’s data-driven world, even small business revenue, including “mom and pop” operations and SMB markets is driven by data and technology. So many businesses today are utilizing technology to make business operations more efficient, accurate, and to lower the head count required to carry out business-critical operations. More and more businesses across the board are moving their data-centric operations to the public cloud. Public cloud has revolutionized the way businesses of every size are thinking about IT infrastructure and where their data is stored, processed, and archived.

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Cloud Backups vs Archives. Why Each Are Needed

Cloud Backups vs Archives: Why Each Are Needed

No organization today is exempt from need to retrieve data for various purposes whether it is for disaster recovery, legal matters, financial audits, or other business-specific use cases. Organizations have traditionally protected data in on-premises environments in the typical fashion of rotating backups through a schedule of retention policies. Backup data then gets shifted to longer term storage for having on hand in case the need arises to access historic data. As businesses shift more and more data to cloud environments, understanding how specific data can be recalled in the event of not only disaster recovery, but other cases of business need, is a question that organizations must consider.

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