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5 Easy Steps to Get the Most out of Your Spinbackup Free Trial

5 Easy Steps to Get the Most out of Your Spinbackup Free Trial

When choosing a business partner for data protection, organizations should choose a reliable vendor that you can trust with all of your sensitive data. You need a data security custodian that can work for you around the clock. Spinbackup for G Suite is a business tool for G Suite Administrators that helps them protect corporate data against data loss and data leaks in the cloud and is controlled through a unified dashboard.

Now that you have signed up for the Spinbackup free trial, you are already halfway to success. It means that you realize the importance of your company’s data protection needs. In this article, we provide a step-by-step guide on how to get the most out of your 15 day free trial.

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Spinbackup for Business: G Suite Data Protection for SMBs, Educational and Enterprise Organizations

Spinbackup for Business G Suite Data Protection

Data loss and data leak disasters caused by both outsider and insider threats happen a lot more frequently than most organizations realize. In fact, over 50 data records are stolen every second. Even more records are accidentally deleted, and in many cases, users may not realize that some critical files or messages have been deleted until many months or years later. These two problems go hand in hand and every year become even more interdependent. To fight both of them efficiently and effectively, organizations need a comprehensive solution that protects from both problems at the same time.

If you use G Suite within your organization, Spinbackup is one of the most comprehensive data protection solutions available on the market. Spinbackup combines cybersecurity and disaster recovery features while protecting you from data leak and loss in one dashboard. Additionally you get one support and one invoice in the same place.

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Spinbackup DLP Features: G Suite Shared Items Control and Credit Card Number Detection for Gmail

Spinbackup DLP features

Your own employees may be a bigger risk to the security of your data than anything else. Data breaches are commonly caused by employees either maliciously (47% of employees think that someone in the company would steal company information) or unintentionally, because they don’t realize their actions may be putting company data at risk.

Over 70% of IT security professionals say that they are not confident that employee access to confidential files can be controlled and managed, and over half believe company insiders to be the major cause of data breaches.

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Spinbackup Cybersecurity Solution: Insider Threat Detection (part II)

Spinbackup Cybersecurity Solution

Not all security threats come from outside your organization. Employees are a leading cause of data breaches according to a 2016 report by Experian. In this report, over half the companies surveyed said they had suffered a security incident or data breach due to a malicious or negligent employee.

Some employee security risks can be dealt with through staff training and the implementation of security policies; for example, ensuring all users on the system are educated in password security and follow the company’s BYOD policy.

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Spinbackup Cybersecurity Solution: 3rd-Party Apps Audit (part I)


One of the key features of Spinbackup for Business for G Suite is the 3rd-party apps audit. This feature provides a visual report of the current security level of all 3rd-party apps that have access to the company data stored in Google Apps.

This transparency in company data security, both as an overview, and at app-level, allows an administrator to easily identify any security risks and remove the risks before they become big problems.

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