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Spinbackup Cybersecurity Solution: Insider Threat Detection (part II)

Spinbackup Cybersecurity Solution

Not all security threats come from outside your organization. Employees are a leading cause of data breaches according to a 2016 report by Experian. In this report, over half the companies surveyed said they had suffered a security incident or data breach due to a malicious or negligent employee.

Some employee security risks can be dealt with through staff training and the implementation of security policies; for example, ensuring all users on the system are educated in password security and follow the company’s BYOD policy.

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Spinbackup Cybersecurity Solution: 3rd-Party Apps Audit (part I)


One of the key features of Spinbackup for Business for G Suite is the 3rd-party apps audit. This feature provides a visual report of the current security level of all 3rd-party apps that have access to the company data stored in Google Apps.

This transparency in company data security, both as an overview, and at app-level, allows an administrator to easily identify any security risks and remove the risks before they become big problems.

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Spinbackup Updates: ‘Disable login by Google ID’ has been added

This is a new security feature that protects Spinbackup users against account hijacking in case when your original Google account has been compromised by cybercriminals. In that case hackers can easily get access to your backed up data at Spinbackup. So what you need is just to activate this option in the “Settings” page.
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Infographic: Top Backed Up Google Apps in 2015

2015 year has been productive and rich for Spinbackup team. We have worked hard on numerous improvements to ensure that you never experience the stress of losing data.

This infographic is about data backup & recovery solution Spinbackup for personal Google accounts

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2-Step Verification: the new Spinbackup security feature

You get used to meeting 2-step verification in such services as Google account, Apple ID, Dropbox, Facebook. It is a durable and handy way, which adds additional protection to your account. So we added this method as part of our program to improve the security of users’ data.

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FREE vs Paid: Why Move to Paid Account?


Today we’d like to talk a little more about benefits of a paid account plan. Some users may think why pay for something that you can get for free? Why pay for Spinbackup cloud-to-cloud backup and recovery services when there’s a free option?

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Spinbackup News Updates – June Edition

Today we are very excited to announce the 3 new most anticipated features that have been recently released. They are the following:
1. Deletion Control for Google Drive.
Spinbackup is going to monitor your cloud data at Google Drive to detect any cases of data deletion made across your Google Drive files. As a Spinbackup user, you will be able to see a list of files that have disappeared from your Google Drive. In other words it’s going to show you a full map of data loss. Spinbackup compares your GDrive items with your backed up ones so if something is lost you will be able to see it in the ‘Lost&Foundfolder. You can easily review lost data at any time and restore it with a click. It’s currently in beta so there may be some small bugs. You are very welcome to report them.
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