Chinese Government Has Blocked All Google Services

News 3 2041

On Novemeber 8th, all services of Google (, Gmail, Google Maps, Google Docs, Google Analytics, Google Drive) were blocked in China, reports  The Next Web.

From November 10th, the search began to work itself, but many services were not available yet, but began to recover.

It is associated with long dispute between Google and the Chinese government that has been going on for years.
At the time of access lockout attempt to go to all the domains,,,,, redirected to the Korean IP- address, which did not serve sites at all. An attempt to use an external DNS also did not work (for example, DNS of the Google).

While blocking of the search lasted about 12 hours itself, it was called the largest in the history of Internet.

What a pity, Chinese people have lost access to their data at Google. Using Spinbackup they would be safe since they can work with their Google data withing Spinbackup account!

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  • Anonymous

    "Using Spinbackup they would be safe since they can work with their Google data withing Spinbackup account"
    I can send and receive emails, work with documents online, etc. like I did at google from spinbackup ? how's that?

    • Yes, it's a good question. I never tried but I think it may be possible, because Spinbackup uses Amazon cloud and amazon is still a friend of China… :) So Spinbackup seems like a bridge between you and Google. Pease try to do it and let me know. I wonder, if it really works.

    • Spinbackup provides an ability to work with your Google Documents within your Spinbackup account. You can create new, open and edit existing ones, etc. Since Spinbackup is not blocked by Chinese Government we hope you can work with your documents easily. As to your Gmail messages – you can read them inside of your Spinbackup account but you can't send new mails. We hope it helps.