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Data Protection for Individuals

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Data Protection for Individuals

Are you ready to trust your storage space to the cloud? If so, there is a free service which  provides you with variable choices of free and reliable cloud storage to begin.

The cloud industry has grown to enormous advantages of data loss prevention solutions for Enterprise Market. But who will protect us, “little guys”, individuals? Individuals are also looking to equip themselves with a new approach to ensure the protection of their sensitive information in the cloud. How can this be accomplished?

Let’s start from protecting your Google Applications data. You don’t need any developers skills for it. There is no the “man in the middle” approach of gateways and reverse-proxy tools. It’s quite easy and quick! Only within one step you may backup all your cloud data. Spinbackup gives you not only a protection from data loss, but also such important options as Disaster Recovery, Cloud Data Migration and also Cloud Data Archive! All your precious documents, favorite pictures will be securely saved.

However, everybody is more concerned about security and privacy, in terms of cloud-based DR implementation. Our service provides top level security and doesn’t even require you to use your Google credentials. It utilizes encryption algorithms to encrypt backed up data in transit, at rest and in use, as a result, there is no way to access users data. There is no requirement of Google password to all your accounts.

If you are looking for a free (up to 2gb storage), reliable and secure cloud-to-cloud backup service so that’s a right decision!

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