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Upgrade to More Storage in Spinbackup

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Upgrade to More Storage in Spinbackup

Upgrade to more storage in Spinbackup

Spinbackup provides “FREE FOREVER” accounts which include 2 GB of free cloud storage along with an unlimited subscription plan; meaning that there is no time limit on the term of using the service nor a “trial period” for becoming acquainted with the service.

The 2 GB Free plan is typically a sufficient amount of storage space for today’s ‘average user’s’ Gmail, Google Drive and Calendar or Google Drive.

However, Google’s diverse set of flexible tools encourages daily usage and eventually, it’s possible you will bump into the 2 GB limit. If that happens you can use Spinbackup’s “Upgrade” option and easily increase cloud storage “on demand”.

There is one significant and often unnoticed difference between Spinbackup and other cloud backup providers. Spinbackup does not require users to buy redundant (unused) gigabytes. You pay only for what you use and can increase by as little as 10 GB. The majority of other services require a ‘leap’ to 100 or 200 GB, even though you really only need 10 or 20 GB of additional storage. Their plans may look good at first glance, but get out your calculator and you’ll see that wasted storage = wasted money. If you really do need a heavy amount, our current maximum is 1 TB (1024 GB). If you need even more than that, let us know. We’ll apply our minds to the challenge.

Let’s talk a bit about price and service:

  1. Price – The current price for 1 GB of cloud storage is $ 0.05 per month (one thin dime). Spinbackup’s price is approximately 20% – 30% less than existing competitors and what you have is a clear and substantive price advantage.
  2. Payment – We accept payments through BrainTree.

Step by step, how to upgradе your cloud storage at Spinbackup:

    1. Sign into your Spinbackup Account and go to the Administrator panel.
    2. From the Administrator panel go to the section “Upgrade” and choose “Account Upgrade”.
    3. Easily insert quantity of storage and users you need.
    4. Now use BrainTree for your payment. 
    5. After your successful payment you will be redirected back to Spinbackup.com

That’s it, simple and fast! Now your account has been upgraded and available for backing up your Google assets.
Once again, if your 2 GB Free plan isn’t enough, upgrade takes less than a minute and costs a trifle.
Happy upgrades!

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