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Make Cloud-to-Cloud Backup Your Lifestyle

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Make Cloud-to-Cloud Backup Your Lifestyle

Meanwhile 50% of world companies would like to adopt cloud services, opposite 50% still resist over concerns about data security. What these hesitant or resistant organizations really fear is the unknown issue. And, what they don’t know is what adopting the cloud will mean for their most valuable, most highly-protected data.

There are two biggest objections companies must overcome to protect their data:

How to Safeguard Corporate Data?

It’s no wonder that company owners are concerned as to whether or not their data will be kept safe in the cloud. There have been high-profile cases of compromised data and information at large enterprises all over the world. And, it’s usually said: “When data is lost, jobs are typically lost.”
Here at Spinbackup we know the importance of security. It’s above everything since it’s the root of your lifestyle!

Companies like us need to assure organizations that their data, their information, their livelihood will be kept safe up above. It’s important to stress to organizations that the cloud is more secure now than it has ever been before. Plus, why should your customers place the burden of cloud security on their own teams when cloud-to-cloud SaaS are able to offer their experienced, professional services for securing their data and information and jobs?

What if Corporate Data is under Attack?

Maybe the cloud isn’t leaking companies’ private information unto the masses, but what if that data comes under attack? What if some hacker breaks the organization’s passwords? What if they find a way to delete private data and information, or worse: they “cloudjack” it?
>Spinbackup softens this concern by educating organizations about encryption and data backup. Show these customers and prospects that, above all, managing their cloud-based services means maintaining and even improving their data security. Data security will always be a major concern not only for enterprises, but individual users as well. Cloud security is not a barrier to your business, it’s an opportunity.
Stop Loosing Data!  Make your cloud secure!
Make Spinbackup Your Lifestyle!

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