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How Cloud-to-Cloud Backup Protects Against TeslaCrypt

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How Cloud-to-Cloud Backup Protects Against TeslaCrypt

Let’s discover how  cloud-to-cloud backup enables you to protect against TeslaCrypt virus and explore the Spinbackup Ransomware protection solution.

TeslaCrypt Ransomware (also known as CryptoLocker-v3) is a serious threat that your system might acquire without any permission and encrypt your computer files and shared drives with such extensions as .pptm, .xlsm, .docx, .unity3d, .jpeg, .blob, .rofl, and many others plus it encrypts data on your cloud storage that is synced with your PC. Currently it infects 185 file extensions.

Ransomware is about the bluntest sort of malicious software you are likely to experience. Ransomware shoves itself unavoidably right in your face. It irreversibly locks you out of your computer or your files, and then demands money to let you back in.

The main reason why TeslaCrypt Ransomware encrypts files is to extort money from computer users. Thus, it is not surprising that this infection will ask you to pay a particular amount of money in Bitcoins. In fact, a user will have to do that within the stated time otherwise the private key, which can be used to decrypt files, to be destroyed so your data will be lost forever.

It looks like a very dirty game because you are a hostage. You need your critical data and you are going to pay to get it back but on the other hand you invest in that virus industry.

Deploy the Best-of-breed Ransomware Protection Solution?

The only solution that helps you to avoid this problem is cloud-to-cloud backup. All you need is to add that service to your existing data management model. So when you use Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive or any other cloud services please note you use a sync service, it’s not a backup service. The right cloud-to-cloud backup service backs up your cloud storage to another cloud daily.

Here at Spinbackup, we are sure the right solution against TeslaCrypt virus is going to include 3 key features: PC for local data storage + Google Drive as a sync service for cloud data storage + Spinbackup as a cloud-to-cloud backup service. This way allows you to easily restore your corrupted files from a backup within a click.

The only thing to care about is – if you have a backup So the sooner you start backing up your critical data the better.

Cloud-to-cloud backup by Spinbackup is your insurance for data corruption. Fast registration. No credit card required. Free plans available. Just stay protected from any data loss or corruption cases.

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