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Cloud-to-Cloud Backup is a Top Trend for 2016

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Cloud-to-Cloud Backup is a Top Trend for 2016
Cloud-to-Cloud Backup is a Top Trend for 2016


This may be the year individuals and SMBs finally focus on data protection (for real this time). We’ve passed a tipping point with data loss as well as data leak, and most people have had enough of both! This paradigm shift comes thanks to some high-profile cases that resulted in some pretty serious financial loss. As a result, cloud-to-cloud backup services now stand as priority #1 for 2016. This goes for individuals as well as businesses.

There are three trends driving this priority:

  1. Threats from ransomware are the largest cyber security issue for 2016, according to almost every cyber security expert out there.
  2. BYOD (“bring-your-own-device”) is creating data leaks across the board as small businesses aim to save money by allowing employees to use their own mobile devices for work.
  3. Cyber security specialists are hard to come by. When you find one, hiring him or her is cost-prohibitive. Therefore, Security as a Service to the rescue.
Here you’ll find out how these trends are driving the shift to a focus on cloud-to-cloud backup & security for 2016. This shift could be the most important next step you take for yourself or your business this year.

Cloud-to-Cloud Backup Trends for 2016

Trends aside, cloud-to-cloud storage backup isn’t merely an option in 2016. It’s required.

Let’s put those alarming trends aside for a moment. Even without them, cloud-to-cloud backup makes sense. Relying on just one backup method is not only risky but also completely unnecessary. Your files and accounts and your photos are safe until they’re not, which is why an extra backup layer for your existing backup solution is always a very wise decision.. Of course you know this. It’s where we come in, with our cloud-to-cloud storage and security options for Google personal accounts and Google apps for enterprise. Once you think about it, backing up and protecting your cloud storage is an obvious preventive measure that nobody should go without. So finally yes, the current trends in data protection confirm it’s a measure that’s increasingly important. For example, did you know ransomware is on the rise? It’s said to be the biggest security issue for 2016, and it’s our Trend #1 for data protection and cloud-to-cloud backup. Let’s take a look.

Trend #1. 2016’s biggest security threat is Ransomware, and it’s solved by cloud-to-cloud storage backup.

In case you didn’t know, ransomware is the new kind of cyber threat you need to start worrying about.

Trend Micro predicts the theme of this year’s cyber crime world will be online extortion aimed at small businesses. 

For those who’ve never heard of this nasty cyber threat, ransomware is malware. It infects your system and locks it down, which results in you being completely locked out of retrieving even one tiny bit of data. The extortionists then ask for money in exchange for releasing your data. It works because many businesses see no option other than to give in to the hackers. Case in point, one woman who was hit with the TeslaCrypt Ransomware thought she was protected because all her data was synced to another storage provider. Turns out the sync provider files got encrypted too! She now uses Spinbackup, which is real backup not just sync. Her story and other case studies can be found here. Unfortunately, she had had no choice other than to pay the $500.

 In fact, SC Magazine conducted a survey and discovered that 30% of respondents said they’d pay ransomware attackers to get their data back. 

Spinbackup ensures daily automated backup, 100% accurate recovery, and weekly & monthly activity reports. These reports allow you to monitor the status of data loss protection services. Threats from ransomware is one big reason the demand for cloud-to-cloud storage and security services is blossoming. It’s not the only reason, though. Another trend for 2016 is the need for greater backup security due to BYOD at companies.

Trend #2. Cloud-to-cloud backup for protection against threats from apps.

For small businesses, third-party apps are life savers. They allow for greater functionality, productivity, and efficiency across the board. Also, it’s increasingly the trend to allow employees to use their own mobile devices for work activity. It’s a great cost-saving measure that saves small companies a fortune in tech expenditures. However, there’s a trade off with third party apps and that’s vulnerability. All 3rd-party apps on your system, even if they’re accessed from company devices, make your business vulnerable. Cloud-to-cloud backup should also come with cloud cybersecurity solutions. Threat detection and data leak protection are a huge concern, and Google Apps security should be a primary goal for 2016. After all, Android devices represent over half the market share, and of course they use Google apps. Spinbackup uses smart, automated, machine learning algorithms to analyze the apps your employees put on their phones, their tablets, and their laptops to connect with corporate Google Apps account. Trustworthiness is displayed in easy-to-read charts and graphics so you can make decisions about protecting your data.

Trend #3. Hiring your own cyber security team is incredibly expensive because they’re in short supply. Solve this in part with Cybersecurity-as-a-Service (CaaS).

Organizations are adopting cloud storage at a rapid pace. In the U.S. alone, most small businesses will be using cloud computing by 2020. Along with this expansion comes a parallel growth in Saas…Security as a Service. As more businesses tune into what it takes to protect infrastructure from malicious attacks, user error, or system failure they’re realizing it’s much more than their in-house team can handle. That’s why services that offer security as well as backup on a subscription basis are becoming the norm. You might ask, why aren’t these companies hiring in-house teams to perform security tasks for their data? The answer is simple: there’s a severe shortage of security professionals in the world right now. Even if you manage to find someone qualified, his or her salary would create a direct hit to your budget that you may not be ready to accept. The cloud cybersecurity solutions offered by SaaS providers offer better economic returns. They’re far more cost effective than pricey in-house solutions, for starters. What’s more, they’re scalable. That means, if your business expands or contacts, a SaaS like Spinbackup will flex with you. It also means if your business is seasonal it’s scalable on a short-term time frame as well. For these three trends and for countless more reasons, 2016 is the year we should all get serious about data protection. It’s your livelihood and your memories at stake  what could be more important?


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