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How to Recover Lost Critical Data?

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How to Recover Lost Critical Data?

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Today a lot of people prefer to keep their critical data in the cloud but how to recover it if you lost something critical accidentally ? You do not have physical access to your cloud. Is there any cloud provider who provides data recovery tools? Here is a short review based on the Google cloud.

As every cloud provider Google prides itself on the stability of its cloud services, but it is not 100% guaranteed.

Usually cloud providers guarantee 99,9% uptime by their SLA including Google. Downtime or lost data, though infrequent occurrences, do happen and people must be prepared to deal with the very real possibility of not being able to access their data or worse yet, the permanent loss of data, etc..

We made a small research and didn’t find any online, cloud to cloud data recovery tools available at Google.

So how can you recover your data if even Google doesn’t recover your messages or files? If you think this is an insolvable problem, we can assure you that it is not. The Team at Spinbackup recognized Google users’ potential problem very well and developed an automated solution, Spinbackup.com.

It’s free and there is no reason to delay in getting started with protecting your Google data. Don’t wait until tomorrow.

Spinbackup includes the following services:

  • Gmail Backup,
  • Google Drive Backup,
  • Google Calendar Backup,
  • Google Photos Backup,
  • Google Contacts Backup,
  • Google Sites Backup.

+ wе are busily programming for automated & secure backup of other Google products

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