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Algerian Cybercriminal Hacked Romanian Google, Yahoo!

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Algerian Cybercriminal Hacked Romanian Google, Yahoo!

Softpedia News Center reported on November 28th, 2012, that the Romanian sites of Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, PayPal , “Laboratory of Kaspersky” and others, were periodically unavailable. Users who wanted to visit their regional sites were redirected to a third-party site.  

An Algerian Hacker didn’t actually breach Yahoo or Google servers but instead, gained access to DNS servers and altered records such that visitors to yahoo.ro or google.ro were redirected to his defacement page.

This hack is similar to what happened recently to the Pakistani sites of Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft, PayPal, eBay, HP and Apple.
People were not able to get access to Google, Yahoo and Microsoft services.

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