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Disaster Happens When Least Expected

Disaster Happens When Least Expected

Data loss is a real disaster you never expect. It is a new extremely serious problem for companies as well as for individual computer users (and it’s almost impossible to find a non-user in the 21st century, right?). Experts say that only last year companies worldwide lost jaw-dropping $1.7 trillion due to data losses. But there are also things that can’t be measured in dollars, like personal emails, pictures and documents that matter to you only.


1. “It took me three hard drive failures before I finally got down to doing backups and looking after the data”, says an experienced user. Probably it’s better to listen to him and not to repeat his mistakes.


2. One of the most famous data loss stories happened at Pixar Animation Studio. An employee mistakenly hit the “remove all” command and company lost a huge part of “Toy Story 2” footage. One can only imagine a shock they experienced when they realized that the backup system hadn’t been working for a month. Luckily they were able to retrieve the deleted content from the employee’s personal computer.



3. You might think that if you keep all you data on Google servers, you should not worry about its safety. Well, unfortunately, you’re wrong. A couple of years ago Gmail users complained of sudden and mysterious loss of emails, contacts, and folders, according to DailyMail reports. The company managed to restore data, but it took some time. In January 2014, another Gmail bug caused thousands of users to delete their emails. During the glitch, whenever a user opened one email and performed a certain action – such as deleting it – Gmail incorrectly applied that action to another email. The company encouraged customers to check their Trash folders to restore deleted mail, but they had to do it in a 30 days period, otherwise mistakenly deleted letters would have been gone forever.



4. Also, you might think that losing laptop or smartphone would not affect the contents of your Gmail folders or Google Drive. Well, you’re wrong again. Just imagine that the thief will definitely have the access to your data. What if he decides to delete it just for fun?
“We were robbed in South-East Asia on our way from the beach”, tells his story Reddit user. “The burglar with a T-shirt over his face demanded money, but we had only $6. He was so angry that he took my computer with all my non-backed up data, opened my Gmail and deleted all my mail before I got to change the password”.
5. Leaving a little kid somewhere near computer might also lead to unexpected circumstances. What if your 5-year-old decides to discover what that funny “Delete all” button means?
6. Less famous but also a shocking story occurred at a hotel in US. They had web-based property management system to keep track of the in-house guests as well as upcoming reservations. After a virus attack the hotel lost all the information. There was no backup. You can imagine the number of unexpected arrivals because of the lost reservations. Once there was even an unexpected wedding. The data loss nearly ruined that special day for the bride and groom.
Data loss is like a natural catastrophe. You never know when shit may happen and what can cause it. But it will not affect you if you are prepared. So why not check all your backups right now?

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