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Enhancing Google Workspace Security & Streamlining SaaS Offboarding: Case Study

Case Study Summary

A top CRM solutions provider had multiple vulnerabilities in their Google Workspace security setup. Every employee leaving could potentially turn into a data breach due to their risky device policy and cumbersome functionality for data transfer.

We helped them close their security gaps with SpinOne for Google Workspace. It’s an all-in-one tool that enables our client to easily manage their cloud data, protects from ransomware, and acts as a CASB.

SaaS Offboarding

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SaaS company, Top CRM solutions provider.

Client challenges: 

Our client provided laptops and smartphones to its employees. Upon leaving, former workers didn’t have to return the gift. However, this generosity created a serious threat to the company’s cybersecurity. Former workers could still access corporate Google Workspace via their devices.

Client goals:

  1. Protect data during the employee offboarding process and after contract termination.
  2. Retain all critical information, preferably without maintaining the ex-employee account
  3. Transfer large amounts of data stored on various Google Workspace services quickly.
  4. Detect and revoke the access of all the SaaS apps to the former employee’s data


To attain the client’s goals, we equipped their Google Workspace with our top cybersecurity product, SpinOne. This tool enabled the company to:

  1. Monitor and manage data scattered across all the Google Workspace services on one user-friendly platform.
  2. Automatically backup and transfer large data masses from one account to another.
  3. Track any suspicious activities pertaining to the data of an SaaS offboarding employee.
  4. Easily revoke the access of apps to the employee’s data for retained accounts.


  1. The company has revoked the access of 298 risky applications to their cloud office.
  2. They have transferred about 1TB of data stored on the Google Workspace accounts of their former workers.
  3. Their Google Workspace Admins now spend 40% less time offboarding employees.
  4. Our client now has a 24/7 ransomware protection solution, and all their data backed up in AWS.

Sounds great? Make your Google Workspace a safer place!.

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Davit Davit Asatryan Director of Product
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Davit Asatryan is the Director of Product for Spin.AI, focusing on the All-in-One SaaS Security platform, SpinOne. He has been with the company for over 5 years and specializes in SaaS data protection, helping organizations battle Shadow IT, ransomware and data leak issues. Prior to joining Spin.AI, Davit gained experience by working in fintech startups and also received his Bachelor’s degree from UC Berkeley.