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Google Drive Backup and Restore

Today, many people use Google Drive to store personal and working documents. It’s easy: 

1. All of your documents are always available, no matter where or when a great idea has visited you. Whether you are at work, home or on the go, you can write new or edit existing documents and share them with colleagues. Collaborate and your group can organize an entire project.
2. Organizing collaborative documents is easily done with a few clicks.

3. An example: Let’s say that you want your customers to have access to your current pricing. Simple enough, just give them rights to view the document.
We could probably write a 50-page manual on the many features of Google Drive, but the point of this article is how to recover Google Drive important documents in the event of loss.
For example:

1) You were ‘multitasking’ and gave access to a customer to edit the price list, then he accidentally deletes the doc. When it rains, it pours.

2) You entered Google Drive, stepped away and forgot to close your window. A co-worker, your spouse, one of your children or your cat hits the dreaded Delete key. I can attest from personal experience that cats find keyboards to be fascinating.
What to do? Unfortunately, Google does not have a method for the recovery of lost documents, but what if you’d been backing up your docs? You’d always have a copy of your documents and be able to restore with a bit of effort. There are many tools for this important procedure. Lets consider the most popular:

a) The standard tool of Google Drive is to sync from Google Drive to your computer, which makes an automatic copy on your PC. Well, that’s helpful as long as you are sitting at that PC, but if not, there is no immediate benefit. 

b) Third-party backup utilities for Google Drive and there are many that will, once again, backup to a specific desktop. A few of these utilities also allow using of File Transfer Protocol (FTP), which is typically a bit costly.

c) Then there’s Spinbackup, which performs daily backups and stores your data in and on the cloud with a convenient, well-organized interface along with one additional feature. It’s free.
So your two important problems are solved; your documents are stored safely, always available and did I mention that is free? In the event of loss of data or docs from your Google Drive account, you’ll always be able to restore in seconds by using Spinbackup and do it in one, single click.

Below are detailed instructions on how to do backup and restore data with the cloud service,
1) The registration process is described in detail in the previous article – BackUp Gmail Messages.

2) Enable the backup for Google Drive service.

3) Run backup of the Google Drive documents.

4) The backup process is displayed in a status bar.

5) Now check the results.

As you can see, the backup was successful.


1) To demonstrate the recovery process, let’s first delete one file.


2) Select the necessary file and restore it via the menu Google Apps Backup -> Restore Google Drive


3) Check the file in Google Drive.

As you can see, the recovery was a success!

How to backup Gmail Messages was the subject of the previous article; [BackUp Gmail Messages].

I’ve shown you how you can protect yourself easily and quickly from losing important documents by using the service A word of advice: Don’t wait until you lose your documents – go to and Backup your Google Drivee, now!
Did I mention that it’s free?

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  • With Google's undo and redo options it's easier to put the data back in their unedited form when the user decide to. That's one of the few edges they've got compared to other software for documentation and file compilation.

  • You are quite right. Google Drive is very convenient and easy way to creat a document. But there are a lot of situations when people lose their critical documents because of some reasons or they can be stolen. That's why you should think about protection of your documents.

  • I agree to that. I let my assistant use Google Drive too, because it's more convenient than sending files back and forth, but not on all data. We still use alternatives in sharing extremely private data. Although digital files themselves have high chances of being stolen, it's still good to be sure that you're taking necessary steps in keeping your private data hidden.

  • Hi to all

    I also use Drive from Google, like their product, but according to the Apps of Google there are some problems with Excel work sheet – who works understand me.

    But I'm afraid of losing my data that's why I make a daily backup of all my documents. I really need it – thanks to Spinbackup 😉

    If you have some important data you understand me, because there are a lot of situations when you can lose your data.