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Free vs Paid: Benefits of a Paid Account Plan

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Free vs Paid: Benefits of a Paid Account Plan


Today we’d like to talk a little more about benefits of a paid account plan. Some users may think why pay for something that you can get for free? Why pay for Spinbackup cloud-to-cloud backup and recovery services when there’s a free option?

The answer is pretty simple: you are not paying for something that you can get for free. You are paying for the job you don’t want to do or for the job that is not worth spending your priceless time. By this we mean a Daily Automated Backup that is the core feature of a paid account at Spinbackup. Its hassle-free and it doesn’t require a user to be involved in the process. Just check out Spinbackup features and pricing.

Additionally, a paid plan provides the following awesome features FREE:

✔ 30GB storage space

✔ Automated Daily Backup

✔ Unlimited Restores

✔ Secure Archiving and Download

✔ Data Migration (easily migrate your data to another account)

✔ Daily email reports

You might think that backing up is an easy process so you can do it manually and it won’t take much time and effort. So why bother about daily, automated backup? Well, this option has some significant benefits. The most important one is the zero user mistake. Spinbackbackup doesn’t take sick days, days-off, never goes on vacation and doesn’t care about holidays. It allows you to invest more time in your personal life or business.

Also, it is always better to set automatic backup at a specific time. We recommend to set it up for early morning when all the yesterday’s changes are saved. In case of data corruption, you can literally start the unlucky day from the beginning. Do you want to get up early every day to start a backup? Wouldn’t it be better if the backup is already done when you start working?


And the latest news: Spinbackup is going to monitor your cloud data at Google Drive to detect any cases of data deletion made across your Google Drive files. You can easily review lost data at any time and restore it with a click. Just imagine, no more data losses!

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