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4 Top Reasons Why Backup Your G Suite Account?

4 Top Reasons Why Backup Your G Suite Account?

4 Top Causes of Critical Data Loss or Why backup your G Suite Account?


    1. A portion or all of your data was accidentally deleted. Google is not responsible for either backing up user data or restoring user data. According to Google’s Terms of Service: NEITHER GOOGLE NOR ITS SUPPLIERS OR DISTRIBUTORS MAKE ANY SPECIFIC PROMISES ABOUT THE SERVICES. WE PROVIDE THE SERVICES “AS IS”.

  1. A hacker, malware, virus or a digital robot gained access to your account and deleted your files, messages or other critical data. Unfortunately, there is no way to recover this data.
  2. Your notebook, iPhone, iPad or Android device that has direct access to your Google account was stolen. Your critical data can now be deleted by the “bad guys” and since Google does not provides data recovery tools, you will never be able to restore any deleted email, file or picture.
  3. You forgot your password but cannot recover it because your phone was lost or stolen. Google sends you a SMS with the pin code but without your phone, you can´t access your data at Google.

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