G Suite Data Protection for Enterprise and Education

Spinbackup for Business G Suite Data Protection

Data loss and data leak disasters caused by both outsider and insider threats happens far more frequently than most organizations realize. In fact, over 50 data records are stolen every second. Even more records are accidentally deleted, and in many cases, users may not realize that some critical files or messages have been deleted until many months or years later. These two problems go hand in hand and become increasingly interdependent every year. To fight both of them efficiently and effectively, organizations need a comprehensive solution that protects from both problems at the same time.

G Suite data protection by Spinbackup is the most comprehensive  solution for enterprise-grade companies and educational institutions. Spinbackup combines cybersecurity and disaster recovery features while protecting you from data leak and loss in one dashboard. Additionally you get one support and one invoice in the same place.

Spinbackup for Enterprise and Education: Plans and Services

Spinbackup for Enterprise was introduced in October 2016 and since then has developed numerous valuable features and attracted hundreds of companies and educational organizations throughout the world.

This corporate offering consists of two main components:

Offering backup and security in one spot means you have complete confidence that your data is always secure and recoverable in the event of a disaster, without the need to install different software packages or sign up for multiple services from different vendors.

The G Suite services protected by Spinbackup for Business include:

The service is suitable for small and medium sized businesses, enterprises and educational institutions using G Suite.

Cloud Cybersecurity and Disaster Recovery Features for G Suite

Spinbackup G Suite security

Data loss is not the only scenario you need to protect against. Data breaches are a huge and growing problem for organizations of any size and can cost businesses thousands of dollars to recover from.

Data breaches may be caused by external or internal threats. The advantage of Spinbackup is that it helps to protect data from both types of threats.

Spinbackup Cybersecurity and Disaster Recovery features include:

  • Automatic Ransomware Protection
  • Cloud Apps Audit (Outsider Threat Detection)
  • Domain Audit (Insider Threat Detection)
    • Business risk audit for employees activity
    • Data management audit: abnormal transfer or download
    • Brute force attack detection: abnormal login tracking
    • Security alerts and reports
  • Sensitive Data Audit:
    • Files shared with 3rd-party users for Google Drive
    • Credit card number detection for Gmail
  • Disaster Recovery
    • 1x/day or 3x/day automated daily snapshot backup
    • 100% accurate recovery
    • Data migration between G Suite accounts
    • Version control and Restore-in-time machine
    • Blacklist for Gmail to prevent suspicious emails recovery
    • Google Drive shared items backup and restore
    • Google Team Drives backup, restore, migration and download
    • Local downloads
    • Trash bin tracking
    • Retention Policy
    • Backup to Amazon S3 with an ability to select a region to store your data from USA, Europe, Asia and Australia
    • Advanced search
    • Weekly/Monthly Support
    • Centralized Admin Console to manage users

Automatic Ransomware Protection

The new Automatic Ransomware Protection for G Suite gives the IT administrator the advantage of stopping the attack and recovering the data before the attack turns into a data loss disaster.

At the initial steps of the ransomware encryption, machine learning algorithms detect malicious activity and a security alert is sent to the administrator. In real time, Spinbackup blocks the source of the attack and stops it, thus minimizing the number of infected files. Then, the system detects the list of items that have been damaged.

Spinbackup automatically recovers infected files from a clean backup, using the Restore-in-Time machine (Version control). You will see a list of encrypted items, so in case you disable auto-recovery, you can recover all or several items manually in a single click.

Cloud Apps Audit (Outsider Threat Detection)

Spinbackup 3rd party apps high risk

The Cloud Apps Audit provides G Suite Administrators full visibility and an instant visual overview of the security level assigned to all 3rd-party apps that have access to corporate data. It allows data for all apps to be seen in one place, making it easy to monitor potentially risky apps and be aware of any violations of company policy.

Each 3rd-party app is given a risk score by Spinbackup’s machine-learning algorithms and it’s also easy for admins to see at a glance which employees are using risky apps and the permissions those apps have been granted.

For any application, administrator may mark it as risky or trusted, and remove access to the app completely.

Risky 3rd-party apps can be added to a blacklist of apps which are not allowed to use within the organization. Access to corporate data for apps on the automated deletion list will be automatically revoked.

Reports from the Apps Audit can be downloaded as a .csv or .xls for further analysis and reporting or you may get notified by email or Slack.

Domain Audit (Insider Threat Detection)

Spinbackup domain audit

Just as the Cloud Apps Audit provides a visual overview of all apps within the organization, the Domain Audit provides the same feature for the employees within the organization.

Unusual behaviors include:

  • Granting access to risky 3rd-party apps
  • Sharing files with users outside the domain or publishing them on the web
  • Logging in from an unexpected location
  • Multiple failed login attempts
  • Migrating data from corporate G Suite account to a private cloud
  • Abnormal downloads from the corporate cloud to a personal device
  • Sending and receiving emails containing sensitive data, such as CCN
  • Moving sensitive data to the Trash with and without the following Trash empty

Every user activity is assigned a risk level. User actions can be viewed in real-time and suspicious behavior triggers an automatic security alert (sent to email or Slack), which can then be investigated further by an administrator. He / she can set up the risk level of activities he / she wants to be notified about.

Data Audit: Files Shared with 3rd-party Users and Credit Card Number Detection

Spinbackup google drive shared items

The Data Audit section shows all the files and folders that have been shared outside the organization along with the owner of the file, the email addresses of everyone it has been shared with, and the time it was most recently shared.

It’s possible to search for specific files and folders and revoke access by removing sharing permissions to all or to specific users from a central dashboard.

The Data Audit also includes continuous monitoring for credit card numbers that have been stored in Gmail. Spinbackup is currently the only service that monitors this security risk within Gmail.

Emails containing a credit card number are marked with an alert icon within the backup interface and security alerts can be set up if a new email is created containing a credit card number.

Reports from the Data Audit can be downloaded as a .csv or .xls for further analysis and reporting.

Disaster Recovery

Spinbackup G Suite backup

Spinbackup provides automated daily incremental backup with versioning with some features which are not available from other providers:

  • 1x/day or 3x/day automated daily snapshot backup – encrypted daily backup either once a day or 3 times a day, at whichever time suits your organization. This ensures that all data is backed up at least once during the working day, even if your business operates out of several different timezones.
  • 100% accurate recovery (Restore-in-time machine) – restore accounts to the exact state they were in on a certain day at a certain time, including the folder hierarchy. This is a perfect protection against ransomware.
  • Blacklist for Gmail – spam, suspicious messages or messages infected with a virus can be added to the blacklist so they are never restored accidentally or on purpose from a backup.
  • Google Drive shared items backup and restore – automatic backup for all shared items can be set.
  • Google Team Drives backup, restore, migration and download – automatic backup for Team Drives, one-click restore, migration to Team Drive or Google Drive, local downloads.
  • Secure migration – easily migrate data between G Suite accounts within the organization or migrate all data to another G Suite domain.
  • Local downloads – download backed up data from Spinbackup to any device.
  • Lost & found – all items ever backed up are available to restore, even those deleted from the account long time ago.
  • Trash bin tracking – Google Drive items moved to the Trash or permanently deleted from the Trash are marked with an alert icon within the backup interface and security alerts can be set up if a sensitive file or folder is deleted.
  • Retention policy – backed up data can be stored indefinitely or for any period of time depending on an organization’s needs.
  • Admin console – centralized management for users and data, easy access for administrators to backup and restore data from user accounts, and auto backup preferences.
  • Secure data encryption – the most secure AES 256-bit encryption to protect data both while in transit and at rest.

As well as all the features detailed above, Spinbackup offers comprehensive user guides for each aspect of the service – the Spinbackup for Business Knowledge Base.

You can sign up for a free trial and start using Spinbackup for Business today.

Discover benefits of G Suite for Business and check out Spinbackup’s pricing for G Suite!

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