Get the Most out of Spinbackup Free Trial

Get the Most out of Spinbackup Free Trial

5 Easy Steps to Get the Most out of Your Spinbackup Free Trial

When choosing a business partner for data protection, organizations should choose a reliable vendor they can trust with all of sensitive data. You need a data security custodian that can work for you around the clock. Spinbackup for G Suite is a business tool for G Suite Administrators that helps them protect corporate data against data loss and data leaks in the cloud and is controlled through a unified dashboard.

Now that you have signed up for the Spinbackup free trial, you are already halfway to success. It means that you realize the importance of your company’s data protection needs. In this article, we provide a step-by-step guide on how to get the most out of your 15 day free trial.

Step 1. Get started
Step 2. Check whether backup works properly
Step 3. Check out 3rd-party Apps connected to your G Suite data
Step 4. Make the audit of your company’s sensitive data
Step 5. Detect the insider threats at your organization

Spinbackup is currently the only SaaS solution that provides two features vital to every company – backup as a data loss protection and cybersecurity as a data leak protection for G Suite- in one dashboard. So for as long as you are using Spinbackup for free, try out both of these solutions. This will also help you understand what plan — “Backup” or “Backup + Cybersecurity”your company needs.

You are welcome to change the schedule you use for your evaluation but we highly recommend the following sequence.

Spinbackup Free Trial

Step 1. Get started

Here is your Dashboard.

Spinbackup Welcome

Get started by watching two introduction videos and checking out our Knowledge Base. Here you will get step-by-step manuals for all processes and answers to many questions that may arise.

It is also important to check whether you have provided necessary permissions to Spinbackup. Without these permissions, backup process will not be able to start!

Then, enable the security alerts to get notified of all security threats immediately. You will get automatic notifications.

Spinbackup security alerts update

Do not forget to set up Team Drives. You have 1 license available for Team Drives backup during your Free Trial.

Spinbackup Google Team Drive backup set up

Value for a G Suite Admin:

Security alerts save your time and allow you to focus on other stuff. You don’t need to check your Spinbackup account to monitor the real time security – Spinbackup will notify you if the security issues occur.

Step 2. Check whether backup works properly

Log back into Spinbackup within the next 24 hours: this will give the platform enough time to fully backup your data and run a security scan. The Dashboard will show you all of the backed up services, the results of our security audits and the corresponding risk levels of your connected 3rd-party apps.

Spinbackup dashboard apr 21 users trial

Go to Users and here you will find a list of your backed up employees and links to their data for each service. Click on a specific user’s Gmail and a new window will open. Now you can see all Gmail items for that user only. You can do many things here, including an option to preview items by simply clicking on them.

Spinbackup Google Mail backed up

Try to restore or migrate items.

Spinbackup Gmail restore

Don’t forget about the Team Drives backup. You can back up one Team Drive during the free trial.

Value for a G Suite Admin:

The biggest value of our backup solution is that it removes human factor from data protection by operating automatically and on a daily basis. You only have to set up a new account once and forget about data backup until it’s time to recover your data. This saves you a lot of time as a G Suite Admin.

Step 3. Check out 3rd-party Apps connected to your G Suite data

You can find it at the Apps Audit section. To control the vulnerability of your Google domain corporate data, first check the list of all the 3rd-party apps connected with your G Suite account and their corresponding levels of risk.

Spinbackup 3rd party apps high risk

Pay special attention to apps with the red triangle and exclamation point. These are the apps that have a high level of risk. Click on them and see in more detail why we labeled these apps to be risky and what they can potentially do to your corporate data.

You can also add any app to the blacklist by clicking ‘Remove Access’ and making sure that access to corporate data is removed for this application on all employees’ devices. This will give you a sense of relief and added security, knowing that once you remove an app from your organization, no one can install it again without your consent.

Spinbackup risky application

Value for a G Suite Admin:

When you have lots of applications connected to your G Suite domain, it is very time consuming to examine every app carefully. Spinbackup provides its unique expertise and machine learning algorithms to help you manage security risks of any application that has access to your corporate data. Spinbackup will keep an eye on these apps around the clock and fix security breaches in your organization. Every new app is going to be examined by Spinbackup for security threats.

Step 4. Make the audit of your company’s sensitive data

Go to the Data Audit section. Here you can see the files shared with people outside of your organization. Are there any that should not be shared? You can stop sharing them immediately with a click and/or take ownership of them as well. In Q3 we will provide the automated custom policies to save you time.

Spinbackup google drive shared items copy

Look at the Messages within the CCN section. If somebody has a message in his or her Gmail with a CCN, it will be detected here. You can click on the Gmail message and check the details. This is the enterprise feature that is not available for G Suite Basiс and G Suite Business accounts.

Spinbackup credit card detection

Watch the video to learn how our Ransomware Protection works in case an attack occurs to your organization.

Value for a G Suite Admin:

Data Audit is a great monitoring tool to help G Suite Administrator fix data leaks cases and minimize the losses of ransomware attacks automatically on the fly and improve data compliance in the company.

Step 5. Detect the insider threats at your organization

Visit the Domain Audit section. Here, you have complete visibility and control of all your employees’ actions.

Each action comes with a risk level. “Info” is just information, while Low, Medium, and High are noteworthy risk levels. Pay attention to the ones with a high risk level. This section allows you to track recent events and make a retrospective analysis when employees leave your company.

Spinbackup domain audit increased risk

Click on the user’s name and you will see all users’ G Suite activities and 3rd-party apps connected.

Spinbackup User activity real time

Value for a G Suite Admin:

Domain Audit is a powerful monitoring tool that indicates your company’s real time security status to allow G Suite administrators choose the best incident response plan and react fast in case of any insider security threats. In the long run, it is a great instrument to investigate incidents that have happened long time ago, since we keep unlimited activity history.

The full list of Spinbackup features is not limited to the ones described within these five steps. We wanted to show you the most valuable parts of Spinbackup solution and you are welcome to try other features, including version control, Gmail blacklist, additional administrators assignment, timezone settings, data download, etc.

If you have any questions, search for the answer in our Knowledge Base or write an email to our sales team. We are always ready and eager to help.

We hope to see you as a customer in the near future!