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Gmail Recovery Best Practices for IT Admins

Every corporate Gmail contains business-critical data. However, many businesses fail to backup emails. As a result, important data might be lost due to error, mal intention, or hacker attack. In this article, we will share the best practices of Gmail recovery to help you restore your valuable data.

How to Recover Gmail

There are several ways to restore the inbox of your user using native Google Workspace tools.

 1. Gmail recovery in Admin panel

Go to Google Admin -> Directory -> Users and pick the necessary User.

On their page click Restore Data in the menu under the user’s name, photo, and basic info.

In the pop-up window specify the date range and the application (Gmail). Then click Restore.

gmail recovery

Keep in mind, that this method is available only for the emails that have been deleted by your user for the past 25 days. This means you can’t restore emails that have been encrypted by ransomware.

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2. User Gmail

If you want to recover emails that were deleted more than 25 days ago, you can go to the User’s Gmail and restore the data manually.

Log in to Gmail Account using your User’s credentials.

Go to the Trash folder. Find the necessary email and tick it.

Then click the ‘Move to’ icon (folder with an arrow) and pick the location of restoration.

Keep in mind that this method has 2 limitations. You cannot restore:

  • emails that were deleted over 30 days ago
  • emails that have been manually deleted by the user from the trash
  • emails that have been encrypted by ransomware.

To keep your data intact use third-party cloud backup tools like SpinOne.

Recover deleted emails easily

Use SpinOne

Gmail Recovery by SpinOne

SpinOne is the best Gmail message recovery tool. Here’s how to restore the data with SpinOne:

1. Log in to your SpinOne Account. Go to the Users section and find the employee whose emails you want to restore. Click on the Gmail icon.

2. You will be redirected to the page where you can see the contents of their inbox. Click on the Version button in the right upper corner to pick the date.

3. Find the necessary email, tick the box next to it and click Restore.

In the popup window pick the destination account you want to restore the email to.

You can recover all the emails from that version. To do that untick all the boxes if any and click restore.