Google Account Backup. The Ultimate Guide

When Google initiated their operations, back in 1998, they were just a mere search engine, a business running on a loan on a house garage, later on, after tons of efforts, they became the most used search engine all over the world wide web, nevertheless, they did not want to stop at that, they knew, they were meant for greater things, they continued to develop new projects that would make of Google Inc., one of the most valuable companies in the world.

Google account

Essentials for Google Account Backup

Innovation and leadership have been two of the main keys to their success. We saw, how Gmail was launched in 2007, then we saw, how they started engaging in the cloud war by launching their own cloud storage: Google Drive, and they continued to go on and on, making our lives easier with their products. More than 100 products (and counting) are now available to the public.

Their products, just as their services, are now a part of the way we live, all of our information is now synced within the Google world. They have made us live a “digital” life, where physical files are no longer necessary, everything is now saved in our Google accounts, reducing financial and time resources.

Letters? No. We use Gmail as our daily medium of communication between our business partners, workmates, family, and friends, keeping important information and memories.

A manual written contact book? Again, no. We use Google Contacts to save the phone numbers, emails, and reference of everyone we know.

Sending yourself an e-mail with an attached file? Or using a flash-drive? That’s also part of the past. We keep those files into the Google cloud storage: Google Drive.

Google Apps For Business

Everyday the number of Google  apps, we use, continues to increase, consequently, more and more of our information is put online, it is incredibly helpful, but it’s also potentially dangerous, since all of our files could be gone in the blink of an eye, if the right measures aren’t taken.

These incidents are unpredictable and could lead to the loss of extremely important information. Is it really necessary to take those risks? Having Google accounts backup could be a lifesaver, if you ever find yourself in one of the situations, mentioned above. Backing up your Google Accounts offers an extra recovery plan.

For example, if you ever face a data leak experience, there won’t be any need to worry, since all of your data will be safe and sound in your account backup service.

If you are working on a “shared” online file with your workmates and any of you messes up with the content, you’ll always have the possibility of reviewing the duplicate in your Google account backup.

Systems can face glitches and issues with their servers (even Google’s), we could become victims of a cyber attack or make a mistake and accidentally delete our files. Why just not prevent the consequences of these situations? Why do you need to risk months of work, valuable memories and information? Not having the proper precautions could make you lose it all.

How to Protect Your Google Account Data?

Google Account Backup for G Suite Domain Administrator. Spinbackup for Business

With Spinbackup you receive a professional, enterprise-class cloud-to-cloud backup and G Suite security solution for Google Apps organizations.

Google account backup with Spinbackup

There are 2 ways to backup Google account.


  1. Automated Daily Backup.
    Autobackup Settings show, which services are being backed up on a daily basis. Switch selector to ‘ON’ mode to include all the Google services.Google account backup with Spinbackup
  2. Manual backup of each Google service of all the users.
    Domain Google account backup with Spinbackup
    Select a user and click on the Google service. Then tap on the ‘Backup’ button to run the backup process.
    Repeat these steps for all other Google services.

To try Google Apps backup for Google organizations go to Sing Up page.

Google Account Backup for Individual Users

You have 2 ways to backup your Google account:

  1. Automated Daily Backup.
    Activate autobackup scheduler on Google services, that you want to backup.
    Individual Google account backup with Spinbackup
  2.  The manual backup of each Google service.

    There are 6 Google services in your account:

    Go to the each Google service and start backup.
    Google backup account with Spinbackup

    Besides, you may select only the files that you need to backup.

To try Google Account backup for individual Google users go to Sing Up page.
Spinbackup Google account backup is a problem-solver that will certainly prevent many headaches in future for you.

To learn more about Google account backup with Spinbackup visit our Google Apps Backup page.

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