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Google Calendar Backup and Recovery

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Google Calendar Backup and Recovery

Google Calendar Backup and Recovery

Google Calendar, since its initial release in April of 2006, has become the web standard for scheduling and being reminded about impending events. Your spouse’s, family,  friends’, & co-workers’ birthdays, anniversaries and other important milestones will never be forgotten.  Yes, with the help of Google Calendar, you can be the person that remembers.

Multiple calendars can be added and shared, allowing various levels of permissions for users, which enables collaboration and sharing of schedules amongst groups.  Only Google knows the precise number of Google Calendar users, but the number must be staggering.  Each of these millions of users simply assume that Google Calendar will always be up, online and available.

But, let’s imagine for a moment that Calendar was not available or that data had been lost or deleted.  In fact, unless you are a very frequent user, you may not even be aware that there was a problem.  So, you forgot to say Happy Birthday to a close friend.  A close friend, with explanation, will understand but what if you failed to send an urgent payment notice to an important customer?  Well, that conversation may not turn out so well and if it ever does happen, chances are it will be with one of your best customers.   You need some ‘data-loss insurance’, meaning you’d best make periodic backups of Google Calendar.  One method is to use a built-in function to export/import Google’s Calendar service, but it has a few, significant shortcomings:

1) Each calendar must be exported separately.

2) You can’t configure automatic export for more than one time per month.  That’s not good.

3) The calendar is stored on your local computer and as a result,  you’ll need to think about how to protect it against possible theft, data loss or computer drive failure or damage.

4) You can use third-party tools but still at least one of the above problems remains. In addition, many of those programs are fee-based.

However, there is one more option – a FREE cloud backup service, provided by Spinbackup!
It backs up all of your calendars completely free plus you can set up automated daily, weekly or monthly backup. All data is stored on the cloud with servers at Amazon, with it’s undeniable reliability.  Now, you are really protected.

Here’s  the step by step guide on how to backup or restore Google Calendar data.

The easy Google Calendar Backup process.

1a) A detailed description of the registration process is in previous articles: Backup Google drive, Backup Gmail.

1b) Log in to your Spinbackup account.

2) Run backup. 

3) Wait for the completion of the process and check the results of Google Calendar backup.


You can see that both personal and working Calendars are saved successfully.

Let’s check how the restoration process of Google Calendar works or Google Calendar recovery.

1) Let’s remove calendar.


As you can see, personal calendar was deleted completely .

2) Return to Spinbackup and try to restore calendar.

3) As you can see calendar is restored successfully.
4) Check the setting of automatic backup.



You can also see that we automatically set up a daily backup for all Google Calendars. If necessary, you can change it on a weekly or monthly basis, or simply turn it off.

So there it is; a visual demonstration of how to restore your lost calendars and protect yourself easily, safely and without charge from the loss of information in Google Calendar.

Don’t wait – make a backup Now and protect yourself, your Google Calendar and insure that you’ll never miss an important, life event.

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    This is a very well written article. Thank you for such a detailed description.

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  • You are welcome!:)
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    • Anonymous

      This looks good at first, but what good is a restore if I cannot select the time I want to restore to? If I have corrupted my calendar yesterday, and the most recent backup contains the corruption, then I am screwed. Does Spinbackup keep multiple calendar backups or only the most recent one?

    • Thanks for your feedback. We appreciate it. Yes currently SpinBackup stores only the recent copy of calendar. But this new feature is under development now. And it will be available just only for business plans.

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