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How to Backup Android to Google Cloud

How to Backup Android to Google Cloud

How to backup Android to Google Cloud

With most of our lives being run in the digital realm these days, losing access to your Google account can be a catastrophe. This is especially true for Android users, who use Google account on phone as their identity in the operating system. This makes having a proper backup strategy for your Android phone essential to your overall data and identity protection plans, and means you should think about Google account recovery for Android before you find yourself in a tough situation.

As Android user you may sync and back up your phone with the Google account:

  • Files, music – to Google Drive
  • Photos, videos – to Google Photos
  • Calendar – to Google Calendar
  • Contacts – to Google Contacts.

Sync Android with Gmail, Google Drive, Google Contacts, and Google Calendar

Step 1
Go to Settings and find Accounts in the list.

Step 2
Tap Google. Choose the Google account you want to sync, if you have more than one.

Step 3
Switch On sync for Google services.

Sync Android to Google account

Enable Android Backup Service to backup the following:

  • Google Calendar settings
  • Wi-Fi networks & passwords
  • Home screen wallpapers
  • Gmail settings
  • Apps installed through Google Play (backed up on the Play Store app)
  • Display settings (Brightness & Sleep)
  • Language & Input settings
  • Date & Time
  • Third-party app settings & data (varies by app)

How to Backup Android to Google Cloud

Step 1
Go to Settings. Find Backup & reset option.

Step 2
Tap on the Back up my data.

Step 3
In Back up my data option – switch to On.

Google Backup Android

What is the difference between Android Sync and Android Backup services?

Sync process helps to keep the same files and data on your Android device and Google account at the same time. Therefore, it is a two-way transferring of files, that makes sure that all your devices have up-to-date information.

While backup is a one way transfer process with the purpose of copying data from your device to the Google cloud.

The best thing to do is have a backup plan that stores another copy of your data in a separate, safe server that you can monitor and restore, and to keep good track of your username and password to ensure you don’t lose access to your Google Account and associated Android data.

Google Account Backup by Spinbackup

Step 1

Go to spinbackup.com.

Step 2
Sign up for Spinbackup. Create an account to start.

Step 3
Daily automated backup begins the next day.

Spinbackup for Android
Spinbackup on Google Play
This is all you need to keep your Gmail, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Google Contacts and Google Photos safe at the separate secure storage.

Because of the risk of critical data loss, it’s important to have a strategy in place to protect your data if something happens. For example, even if you back up your data on Google’s servers, it’s possible that your phone could get a virus that deletes your local data and corrupts the Google copy as well.

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