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Google Contacts Recovery: Step-by-Step Guide

In the world of sales, contact data is necessary to keep performance at the required level. When it is lost as a result of a mistake or cyberattack, a business can face serious problems in revenue generation. That’s why Google Contacts recovery is essential.

Many companies hire people not just for their sales abilities, but also for the contacts that they bring with them. Most salespeople are well aware of how valuable their contact list is and may try to keep it private, away from their employers. Knowing how to restore deleted contacts from a Google account can help safeguard this valuable information.

As long as they work for your company, it’s not a major issue, but it may become one when they leave. Losing an employee may result in a loss of valuable sales contacts, particularly if no CRM managed the data.

Google Contacts Recovery via Email

After a G Suite employee leaves, most companies retain access to their emails. Not everyone realizes that accessing employee emails also enables the recovery of customer contacts created during their time with the company.

After recovering the Google contacts, the new salesperson can take over the existing role. They can then start reaching out to these contacts and securing the accounts. This ensures that the company does not lose business due to the former employee poaching clients for their new company.

The ease of recovering emails depends on your company’s email system; it can be quick and simple or time-consuming and tedious. If your email system doesn’t automatically save contacts, you might need to manually search through emails to recover them.

If your company uses G Suite then the task of recovering contacts is very easy, as long as the user account is still active and you have access to it. To ensure this, you can obtain the user password and change it to block the ex-employee’s access. Or you can migrate all account data to another G Suite account.

In some cases, an employee will leave suddenly and you may not have a chance to change the account password before this happens. In this case, you can reset the password from the G Suite admin panel.

Even deleted contacts can be restored with Google contact recovery. If you are logged into the original user account, visit https://contacts.google.com/ and you’ll be able to see all contacts. As Gmail automatically adds contacts for each email you send, all sales contacts that have been emailed should be available from this page.

To restore deleted contacts, click “more” on the left-hand menu and choose “Restore Contacts”. You’ll have the option of the time frame to recover data for up to 30 days

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How to Restore Contacts Through Gmail Recovery That Were Deleted Over 30 Days Ago

This method works well for recently deleted contacts. However, there is no current way to recover contacts that were deleted over a month ago using the native functionality. 30 days might seem like enough time to recover data, but employees often know they’ll leave the company eventually. They might delete data before informing their line manager, who can then secure the account.

Backup and easily recover Google Contacts

Use SpinOne!

The solution to this problem is to make sure a regular backup system is in place for all employee G Suite accounts. If deleted data needs restoration, you can easily restore an earlier version of the account from a backup. This allows you to recover contacts before they were deleted.

If the account was not backed up, there is no way to recover deleted data more than 30 days after it was deleted. You might not realize the importance of this feature until it’s too late. Therefore, it’s best to be proactive and set up a strong backup system before it becomes critical.

Monitoring Employee Accounts for Suspicious Behavior

You can’t always predict when an employee is going to leave your company and take proactive steps to ensure their user account data is protected. However, by investing in an account monitoring service, you can receive security alerts for suspicious behavior such as exporting data or deleting contacts. Monitoring can also help identify potential data breaches or unauthorized access to sensitive information.

Spinbackup insider threat detection,, a component of the cybersecurity service, enables administrators to monitor employee actions and assess risk levels. It also provides customized automated alerts to promptly detect any suspicious activity.

Warning signs of an employee potentially leaving include: exporting data to personal accounts and sharing files with non-domain users. Additionally, they may log in from unusual locations or delete data.

This feature is helpful in detecting malicious employee behavior. As long as Google account data is regularly backed up, the data will remain safe and recoverable.

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