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Google Drive Updates – June Edition

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Google Drive Updates – June Edition

Today we are very excited to announce the 3 new most anticipated features that have been recently released. They are the following:

Google Drive Deletion Control

Spinbackup allows to monitor your cloud data in Google Drive to detect any cases of data deletion made across your Google Drive files. As a Spinbackup user, you will be able to see a list of files that have disappeared from your Google Drive. In other words it’s going to show you a full map of data loss. Spinbackup compares your GDrive items with your backed up ones so if something is lost you will be able to see it in the folder. You can easily review lost data at any time and restore it with a click. It’s currently in beta so there may be some small bugs. You are very welcome to report them.

2. Data deletion (*available for paid accounts only)

Now you can easily enable the deletion option for your backed up data. It’s now available for Google Drive backup and recovery, G+ Photos backup and Google Drive. The deletion process is as simple as 1-2-3. If you like to delete some backed up data please send us a request to enable it through your account feedback form. Select the ‘Enable data deletion’ option. Once your request is approved by the Spinbackup administrator you will get a notification email. At the same time the ‘Delete’ button will appear at your interface.

Please note, the button will be available within the next 24 hours which should be enough to manage all data deletion issues. If you need to prolong this option, please send us one more request. Usually if we don’t see any abnormal user activity we approve such requests fast.

Be careful when you delete your backed up data. Spinbackup Chrome App and Chrome Extension. Once you install it into your Chrome browser, you will be able to get fast access to your Spinbackup account and backed up data with a click from your browser toolbar.


In progress now…

Major Security features.
Improvement of Spinbackup security is an ongoing process that never stops. Currently we are working hard on the following features that are going to increase security level for Spinbackup users.
  1. An ability to disable Spinbackup login by Google ID. If you worry that your Google account may be compromised by cyber-attackers or 3rd party apps, this feature will secure your backed up data against such cases. You will be able to use an original Spinbackup login form.
  2. Multi-factor authentication will be added to our alternative login form to increase security of users’ private data.

If you have any questions or comments on the service please contact us at any time.
Thank you for choosing Spinbackup!

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