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Google+ Stories Appearing As Individual Google Now Cards

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Google+ Stories Appearing As Individual Google Now Cards

Since it’s spring, Easter and Passover, it’s amazing time to get together with your family and create new memories in photos and stories. So here it is! Google Now continues to add more features to its cards and now it’s Stories from your Google+ Photos. We are happy to claim that Google+ Stories Appearing As Individual Google Now Cards. If you are a Google+ user (with Stories enabled) you may see new notifications in Google Now when a new story has been compiled. The stories are Auto-generated by having the Auto Awesome feature switched on in photos with your location history as well.  So each time when and where you take lots of photos, Google photos will automatically put them into a “story” where you can see a slideshow of your photos from your recent events. Isn’t it wonderful? So now rather than having to go to your photo album to see your stories, the most recent one will show up in your Google Now cards. The card shows a preview of the story( story name, number of moments and the date of the story ), which you can then tap to go to Google+ and publish for your friends to see otherwise it’s only a digital memory of yours.

If you want to use Google+ Stories there are some thingsyou need to do:
  • Turn on Google Location History for Android or iOS ( it depends on your device )
  • If you store photos on Google Drive, show your Drive photos & videos in your photo library
  • Use Auto Backup on your mobile device or computer
  • Make sure Auto Awesome is on
  • Add your home & work addresses in Google Maps
  • And the most important …..take a lot of pictures!

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