How to Recover Google Team Drives?

Spinbackup is the world’s first vendor to introduce Google Team Drives backup and recovery features. When Team Drives was officially launched in March, 2017, thousands of G Suite Enterprise, G Suite Business and G Suite for Education organizations had the opportunity to try it, however there was no option to backup that data. Spinbackup comes to the rescue again, introducing Automated Daily Backup for Google Team Drives!

Google Team Drives Backup: Why Do You Need It?

With all the security benefits that Google Team Drives provides to G Suite users, we can’t stress enough how crucial it is for every piece of business information to be backed up daily, automatically, and securely. Whenever your business data is stored on a local computer or in the cloud, they are still vulnerable to business Data Loss cases and need to deploy Ransomware protection tools. The recent WannaCry attacks have taught us that backup is no longer an additional layer of protection, but a mandatory element of a extensive cyber security hygiene.

If you leverage the opportunities of Team Drives, you know files stored there have great value not only for individual users but for the whole team, and their loss due to accidental deletion or a malicious application can be an enormous disaster for the entire company. For Team Drive users it is important to note that even though Google Vault, Google Drive sync, Google Backup Sync, and Drive File Stream are great utility apps that help you synchronize data, they do not backup or make copies of your Team Drives items.

Spinbackup offers the world’s first backup solution for Team Drives, so you can now use Team Drives to their full potential, while not being worried about data security.

With Spinbackup, your Team Drives are backed up automatically up to 3 times a day and an unlimited amount of times on demand. The data is stored in the AWS cloud, the world’s most secure cloud storage, and is encrypted in transit and at rest. With every manual or automatic backup, we create a full snapshot of your Team Drives. The Version Control feature allows you to recover the entire Team Drive to its previous version at a specific moment back in time, and it does so with the same folder hierarchy. This is a great data loss prevention  tool since in case of data loss or a hacker attack, you can restore an entire Team Drive and need not search for a reliable version of every file separately.

  • Automated Daily 1x or 3x a Day Backup
  • Unlimited Manual Backups
  • Restore in a Click
  • Select the Destination of Restore
    (to your personal Google Drive or to a Team Drive)
  • Data Download
  • Version Сontrol
  • Centralized Admin Panel
  • Easy and Familiar Interface
  • Customizable Number of Snapshots to Fit Your Storage Plan

In the near future, we will cover Google Team Drives in our  G Suite security solution you will have an ability to track items that were moved to the Trash or permanently deleted. You will also be able to control, manage, and block items and Team Drives shared with people outside of your domain.

Google Team Drives Backup and Recovery Functionality

With Spinbackup, you can now back up as many Team Drives as you have within your organization.

Spinbackup Google Team Drive backup enable
You can start a manual backup or simply use our automated daily backups. We use an incremental snapshot backup, which means that with every automatic or manual backup, the entire Team Drive is backed up with its initial folder hierarchy and metadata.

Spinbackup Team Drive backup
No data is ever deleted, and you can easily manage the versions of your backed up data at a specific moment back in time.

Spinbackup Team Drive backup version

You can restore your Team Drive data with a few clicks. There are options to either restore the entire Team Drive or selected files/folders.

Spinbackup Google Team Drive restore
In any case, Spinbackup provides a 100% accurate restore, maintaining the initial folder hierarchy. Additionally, you can select whether to restore data to your own Drive, to another employee’s Drive, or to any of your Team Drives.

Spinbackup Restore Team Drive
The Download function for Team Drives will become available soon, so you can download the required data to your local computer.

How to Deploy Team Drives Backup?

You’re welcome to back up your Team Drives data straight away! Spinbackup gives you a 15 day free trial where you can test out the platform and see the value of the product. Team Drives backup is fully available during the free trial period.

So bottom line, if you are using Team Drives in your organization, then Spinbackup is definitely something that you need to take a look at. In the era of ransomware and hacker attacks, you must protect yourself from losing your teams’ vital documents. Now is as good a time as any, deploy Team Drives backup now! Discover Spinbackup’s enterprise customer success stories.

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