Google Vault vs Spinbackup. What is the Difference?

Google Vault vs Spinbackup. What is the Difference?


Google Vault vs Spinbackup

Google Vault is a great solution to archive some of your G Suite (Google Apps) data, but it doesn’t perform backup. You can’t use it as an automated backup and recovery solution daily, so it doesn’t protect you against data loss.

What is Google Vault?

Google Vault will not restore your files if they’ve been lost, since Vault doesn’t backup files. Here’s a list of what you can do with Google Vault from Google’s website:

  • Email and chat archiving
  • Email and chat search
  • Email, chat and Drive export
  • Drive file search
  • Legal holds
  • Create holds to preserve messages in Vault indefinitely to meet legal or preservation obligations
  • Administrators and users with appropriate privileges can still search for and discover held messages
  • Save your search queries
  • Set email retention policies for your domain
  • Audit reports

If you are looking for G Suite backup and recovery solutions (Google Apps) on a daily basis to protect your SaaS data against a minor or major disaster, Vault is not the right tool for your needs.

What is Spinbackup DLP?

Here is what Spinbackup DLP provides:

Services protected

Google Vault mostly covers Gmail and Drive. Spinbackup provides daily protection for Gmail, Google Drive, Google Contacts, Google Calendar, Google Sites, and Google Photos.


Google Vault costs an additional $5/user/month. Spinbackup costs $3/user/month.
Moreover, with Spinbackup you can buy licenses only for selected users within the domain, while with Vault you have to upgrade all users and pay for every one.

Data Protection

If a G Suite admin’s account has been compromised by cyber-criminals, they can easily log in to a G Suite admin console and delete all users, which will cause data deletion, including Vault data, and a global disaster for the company. Google Vault can’t protect you here; Spinbackup is capable to safeguard your data because we are an independent SaaS and G Suite Security provider. You can easily log in to your Spinbackup account and restore all your data with a click.

One more case – if a company has an issue with Google, they lose access to the Google Suite account/data, including Vault. They don’t need to worry about it if they use Spinbackup.

That’s why Google users love our product. They say in the Spinbackup reviews: “Spinbackup is a must-have tool for each Google user.” Top data security experts say: “Never keep all your eggs in the same basket.”

Are you looking for Double Protection?

If you worry about the data protection policy at your organization, use both Google Vault and Spinbackup’s G Suite Backup and Recovery as an extra protection layer for your data security.