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Happy World Backup Day 2016!

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Happy World Backup Day 2016!
Today is the 5th anniversary of the World Backup Day. 5 years of raising awareness about the importance of protection from data loss and deploying data backup. New threats are pushing us to take care of our data in depth.

Among the most common causes of data loss in 2015:

– human error – 24%.
– hardware failure – 21%.
– data corruption – 19%.

From data loss due to human error have suffered:
– 16% of small businesses.
– 31% of medium businesses.

Ransomware is constantly growing as a significant type of malware. CryptoWall 3.0 alone has cost $325 million in global damages in 2015. Read our post about the attacks on different operating systems at How to avoid Ransomware damage.’  

Today, we have prepared two great gifts for our users:

1. New clients are going to get a 15% discount for all Spinbackup services.

Hurry up, our limited offer ends within the next 24 hours! Here you go DGPY5ETY13TE.


2. If you are a paying client, we are going to add an extra 20GB cloud backup storage for FREE. 
If you are a free account user, hurry up to get 30GB for $2 per month then an extra  20GB FREE.

Check out our new solution Spinbackup for Google Apps | Work for SMB and Educational organizations, that allows organizations to have more control over data security by adding an additional layer of protection beyond what the typical cloud service providers can offer.
Tomorrow is the April Fools’ Day. Don’t be an April’s Fool!
Be prepared. Backup your cloud data right away.
Enjoy a stressless life! :)

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