How SpinOne Transformed SaaS Operations of LiveAction: Case Study

Founded in 2006, LiveAction has risen to the top of the network monitoring industry becoming the must-have network performance monitoring tool for the Fortune 500. By creating an intuitive network visualization interface with monitoring of every switch, router, and endpoint in the network infrastructure, LiveAction’s technology known as LiveNX helps network administrators monitor their IT infrastructure and Software-Defined WAN deployments. LiveNX is the top-recommended product by Cisco and the visionary leader in Gartner’s Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics Magic Quadrant.

The Challenge: Automate Cloud Protection for Microsoft Office 365

With a rapidly growing global organization, LiveAction recognized potential problems with its data in the cloud. As a heavy user of Microsoft’s Office 365, the organization had documents in Sharepoint, OneDrive, across hundreds of user accounts spread around the globe. The IT team along with the SecOps team determined it was time to:

  • move to an automated platform that would regularly back up all their files;
  • have easy to recover, version-controlled backup;
  • install 24×7 ransomware protection;
  • get an insurance policy to help the organization get back on its feet in the event of a breach.

The Solution: How SpinOne Helped LiveAction

After reviewing various products and having used the trial version, the LiveAction IT team concluded that SpinOne was the best solution to their problem. The deployment was easy and worked seamlessly, quickly backing up years of data. The test restores were self-explanatory to execute and 100% accurate and the simulated ransomware test immediately identified and stopped an attack.

“It’s fast to install and easy to use. SpinOne gives me confidence in our Office 365 deployment,”

Ted Do, IT Manager, LiveAction, Inc.

SpinOne Key Features:

  • Complete backup of user mailboxes (O365 Licensed and Unlicensed)
  • User Behavior Analysis and Risk Auditing for Compliance
  • Immediate Risk Alerting via Slack
  • $100,000 Cyber Liability Insurance
  • 24×7 Ransomware monitoring


The SpinOne solution transformed SaaS operations, allowing LiveAction to move completely away from manual, on-premise-based storage into an automated multi-cloud backup solution. The SecOps team streamlined and simplified operations and the IT team has freed up considerable resources to focus on strategic business operations instead of back-office administration.

In addition, LiveAction utilizes SpinOne Cyber Liability Insurance which provides the company an additional $100,000 in coverage if a cyber attack happens.

To find out how Spin can secure your business, see it in action!

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