How to Avoid G Suite Ransomware?

Let’s explore how to avoid Ransomware viruses, that are a new very serious threat to your cloud security that can corrupt your computer files and files you store with the cloud service providers. There are many ways to spread such viruses.

How G Suite Ransomware May Spread

  1. Emails are frequently used way. You receive a message like “I Love You”, then click a link with a virus, and you are done. Your computer and files are infected.
  2. Web Browsers. It happens when you browse suspicious websites or download untrustworthy software. Ransomware downloads itself on your computer without you noticing it.
  3. Malware. That is already on your computer. Some ransomware keeps silence after getting to your computer, only to “wake up” at some point after the signal from the central server. If you have used someone’s flash drive or downloaded something from the web, there’s a chance you already have this “sleeping agent” on your computer.

When reaching your computer Ransomware virus encrypts your important files and makes a couple of steps to make sure you pay cybercriminals otherwise you will never see your important files again.

How Ransomware Infects Your Valuable G Suite Data

  1. Ransomware contacts the server of cyber-criminals.
  2. The server generates two keys. One is kept on the infected computer, the other one is stored on the central server.
  3. Ransomware uses the key to encrypt your important files. You are not able to open them anymore.
  4. You see a message that says: you have to pay ransom to the cyber-criminals, otherwise they will destroy the keys and you’ll never see your files again.

Unfortunately, after the step 4 there is no way to decrypt your data without paying cybercriminals. Moreover, they don’t usually give much time to do this. So you have to make a difficult choice, and you have to make it fast. Keep your files or invest in the virus industry?

The worst thing is that crypto-ransomware can literally take everything from you. The virus encrypts files with the majority of popular extensions, starting from .docx and .jpg and many others. That is why your G Suite must be protected from ransomware beforehand.

Even if you are using cloud data storage like Google Drive or Dropbox, it might not help you. Most probably you are also using sync software, which means that the files in your cloud storage will be infected the moment they were infected on your computer.

The only way to protect your data in such scenario is the cloud-to-cloud backup . Once per day Spinbackup automatically backs up your important files from your cloud storage to another secure storage. That means that you can restore your files easily and fast if they were infected.

“If you haven’t got a backup and you get hit by CryptoLocker, you may as well have dropped your PC over the side of a bridge,” says Paul Ducklin, security adviser, The Guardian reports.

Unfortunately, anti-virus software doesn’t work out. The virus industry is very powerful, new versions of crypto-viruses are developing every month. Cyber-criminals are really really smart guys, so you have to have insurance.

Cloud-to-cloud backup is the best insurance to protect you against data corruption created by crypto viruses. Create a new Spinbackup account today using your Google ID. It’s easy, free, fast and no credit cards are required.

Check out Spinbackup’s advanced G Suite Ransomware Protection functionality and read about how to secure your Team Drives from ransomware here!

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