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How to Backup OneDrive? 

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How to Backup OneDrive? 

Backup OneDrive Guide

With more than 200 million active users each month, Office 365 is a powerful Software-as-a-Service platform for businesses. OneDrive is a part of the Office 365 cloud, used for storing files in the cloud.

That’s why OneDrive security is the highest priority for business owners, admins, and users alike. Having your OneDrive files backed up is the best way to restore them in case of an emergency, such as accidental deletion or cyber attack.

We hope our step-by-step OneDrive backup guide will be useful for you. 

Native OneDrive Backup and Recovery Options

In some cases, Office 365 backs up and allows the recovery of deleted items from the Recycle bin. However, there are limitations to native backup functionality. You can read about them in our overview of O365 backup and recovery policies.

Besides, all backup data is stored in the same cloud, which makes it vulnerable to the same threats as the data it protects. That’s why backing up OneDrive files to other clouds and storage is a good way to keep them secure. Let’s take a look at two methods.

Method 1: Backing Up OneDrive Files to Computer/Hard Drive

It is possible to back up OneDrive files to your computer/hard drive to keep them secure in case your Office 365 account is compromised. So, how to back up OneDrive to an external hard drive?

1. Go to your OneDrive.

2. Select Files and choose the one you need to back up.

3. Click Download and select the destination. The downloaded files are available for copying further. For example, to an external hard drive.

Though not exactly a backup, this operation may help you to preserve the selected OneDrive files. Needless to say, this method has an enormous number of limitations. Some of them are:

  • Lack of regularity, as all actions are manual.
  • Time-consuming, for the same reason.
  • Backups may be lost if something happens to the computer/hard drive.
  • OneDrive recovery becomes complicated if the amount of data is significant.

That’s why using automated backup software is a better choice than relying on manual backups to hard drives.

Would you like to learn more about backup & recovery in other Office 365 services, not just OneDrive? Find out about the ways to recover deleted items in O365.

Method 2: Using Automated Backup Software

The most effective and user-friendly way to back up your OneDrive files is by using specialized software like SpinBackup for Office 365. How to backup OneDrive with SpinBackup?

1. Sign up for SpinBackup Office 365 Backup and Recovery. Done! Your OneDrive data is backed up from now on. 

2. We could have finished the guide here, but we’ll show you around. We hope you’ll find more useful information about configuring backup and recovery.

3. Use your Microsoft/SpinBackup credentials to sign in here: https://office365.spinbackup.com/#/

4. Now, let’s check the interface. On your Dashboard, you can see information about Backup and Users. Also, there is a chart showing the time of recent backups. Click Settings.

Setting up Spinbackup for OneDrive backup

5. You can access the panel with various Office 365 services. For example, select OneDrive.

OneDrive backup service Spinbackup

6. You can see your OneDrive information here. You can click Backup to back up your information whenever you wish. Click Restore to recover your data if needed. Backing up and recovering other Office 365 services will be similar. 

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Why Choose SpinBackup?

SpinBackup is an automated backup solution, designed to keep your data secure and save your time. Our backup solution surpasses the limitations of Office 365 native backup options.

Unlike Office 365, it provides a full backup to ensure your data is truly secure. What makes SpinBackup a perfect solution for you?

  • Backs up OneDrive and Outlook items, including Calendars and Contacts.
  • Indefinite data retention.
  • Customization.
  • Several backup versions to recover your data from.
  • Backup data is kept separately from the source data, in the cloud of your choice (Amazon AWS or Google’s GCP).
  • You have the same folder hierarchy of restored data as in your original files, so you can restore your items exactly to the folders they were deleted from.
  • Save your time and effort with our user-friendly interface.

For an additional layer of protection, you can use SpinSecurity, our ransomware protection solution for Office 365. You can read more about it here.

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