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How to Migrate Google Data between Accounts

How to Migrate Google Data between Accounts

How to Migrate Google Data from One Google Account to Another One

There exists a number of occasions, when the need for such service arises so our platform is the easiest solution for that task.

Spinbackup provides a secure solution for efficient Google data migration between accounts. Migration is currently available for Individual Google users and G Suite organizations that are looking for secure transfers of all their Google Drive files, Gmail messages, Hangout chats, Google Contacts and Google Calendars data from one Google account to another. Please note that this feature is available for paid account users only so don’t forget to upgrade your Spinbackup account after free trial.

In fact, it’s as easy as 1-2-3. We’ll show you how to save your time with Spinbackup by carrying out migration with a few clicks.

    1. Sign in to your Spinbackup account.
    2. Choose a service you wish to migrate items from.

Spinbackup individual Google mail

    1. There are two options:
      • You can migrate just a few items: choose the items you wish to migrate by pressing the appropriate checkboxes.

Spinbackup individuals migrate selected

      • You can migrate all of your data: select nothing and move to the next step.
    1. Tap the Migrate button.

Spinbackup individual migrate

    1. In a pop-up window, select an account where you are going to migrate your data.

Please note that the migration tool is available for paid account users only. To upgrade your account please follow instructions in our Upgrade article.

Google Mail Backup1.png

    1. Start the migration. Google Mail Backup2.png

All your items are exported exactly in the same folder into a different account.

Your G Suite migration is finished! Your account items have been successfully migrated to another account. Easy, secure and fast.
Check out Spinbackup’s pricing for G Suite!

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  • Richard

    Say I am migrating from account A to Account B. Account A is a company domain account and Account B is my personal account. If I only have Spinbackup on my personal account can I migrate the data from account A..are Google Mail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Photos, Google contacts and Google Tasks the only services that will migrate. Will lables come across in the mail migration. Should a user empty their trash and spam before doing the migration to the new account?

    • Richard,

      Both Google accounts (A and B) should be connected to your Spinbackup account so basically what you need to do is to add second one. Then login to your account A and start the migration process to the account B.
      Don’t worry about trash and spam labels. If you backup them you can migrate them as well.
      For the other labels, they will be collected in one folder.

  • bpobject

    What about google voice phone number connected with the older-to-be-migrated account?

    • Hello,
      We guess, you mean 2-step verification when you say about Google voice phone number, right? If so, this doesn’t affect your migration process. So no worries, migrate your data with confidence.