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How to Backup Files in Spinbackup Cloud

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How to Backup Files in Spinbackup Cloud

How to Backup Files in the Spinbackup Cloud

Approximately 78% of earths population uses the internet, with affluent users aged 18 to 29 spending more than forty (40) hours a week online. As of September, 2012, Facebook had one billion active users and as we know, that’s only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to downloads, uploads and various forms of sharing.  Somewhere, somehow, all of those files need to be stored. Online storage services generally have drawbacks:

  1. A limited expiration date (usually a limited period since the last download or after placing the file on the server).
  2. Limited speed of downloading or uploading files.
  3. Intrusive and annoying advertisements on the download page.
  4. Required registration for the download service along with a  confirmation email and ensuing, never-ending  junk mail. Unregistered users should plan on unwelcome time-outs during download of larger files.
  5. Long term storage of files is often unavailable and our idea of ‘short-term’ is often their definition of ‘long-term’.

Add it up and these shortcomings can make these services inconvenient and in some cases, downright annoying.
However, Spinbackup cloud service users don’t run into these problems. Uploading or downloading a file is easy, with no speed limits or expiration date and a direct link for download is always available. You can even create folders to help organize your files and move files from folder to folder as desired, not to mention being able to search for specific files or even types of files within your account.

Let’s see how it works:

  1. First, go to the section Files;
  2. Create and name a folder, such as “My files”;
  3. Go to your folder to download files;
  4. Upload some files or images into it and note that you can select multiple files for upload.  You don’t need to upload them 1 x 1.
  5. Use the checkbox to either allow or disallow public access to your file.
  6. Now, send a link of this file to family, friends or associates:

You can also send a link to the file to the more popular social networks with a click or simply right-click and copy the link of the file and include it in an email, post on a message board or any other document. To check the download file, copy and paste the link into your browser.

Your browser immediately provides a choice of opening or saving the file. There are no intermediate pages, no ads – everything is quick and simple.

A final feature of  Spinbackup is that if you want to download multiple files all at once, you can place your files in an archive and download the entire zipped file in just two clicks.

  • Choose the files;
  • Choose archive.

Give Spinbackup a ‘comparison test’ right now and thanks for reading!

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