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Iran Internet Users Are No Longer Using Google and Gmail

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Iran Internet Users Are No Longer Using Google and Gmail
The protest has been triggered across the Muslim world over the anti-Islam film and in the reaction to it Iran has blocked access to Google and Gmail.
“Google and Gmail will be filtered throughout the country until further notice,” said Abdolsamad Khoramabadi, an Iranian official with the state-run body in charge of online censorship and computer crimes.

Due to the words of Khoramabadi the defined decision was taken after the requests of the Internet users to filter the sites because of links to the film, which is posted in the YouTube.
People in Iran who try to visit blocked addresses, including social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter as well as BBC and CNN, are redirected to a web page that reads: “Access to the website is denied according to Iran’s computer crimes regulations.”
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According to TheGuardian.

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