Blockchain Single Sign On

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blockchain single sign on
In the world we live in today, technology dictates and is at the heart of many of our daily activities. With the Internet backing many of the technologies that we know and rely on today, including access to email, shared storage, and other public cloud resources, security and cloud Identity Management are becoming more and more of a concern to everyone, from individuals to large enterprise organizations. More and more, confirmation of our identity is a precious possession that most of us hold dear. Having our identity fall into the wrong hands can wreak havoc on the livelihood of individuals, or even organizations.

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Machine Learning-powered Cyber Threat Intelligence

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how to boost cloud security via machine learning cyber threat intelligence
In the previous post, we looked at Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in general terms. Machine learning and artificial intelligence are both extremely powerful technology buzzwords these days when it comes to parsing through the enormous amount of data that is readily available to today’s systems. Machine learning is a specialized form of AI that allows computers the ability to “learn” from data automatically.

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Spinbackup Releases Office 365 Backup

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Spinbackup Releases Office 365 Backup to a Secure Cloud Storage on AWS and GCP

San Francisco, CA, December 03, 2018 – Spinbackup, a leading global cloud backup and cloud cybersecurity solutions provider for SaaS applications, announced today the general availability of Office 365 Backup & Recovery to a secure cloud storage on AWS and GCP with multiple storage locations. Office 365 Backup & Recovery by Spinbackup is available now. Pricing is $3 per user per month with a minimum of 5 licenses if paid annually, and $4 per user per month with a minimum of 20 licenses if paid on a month to month basis.

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Top 13 Tips for Using Gmail

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Tips for using Gmail

Gmail now boasts more than 1 billion monthly active users. Let’s discover Gmail tips which will help you efficiently use efficiently the the most popular email interface for both personal and business needs.

Gmail’s popularity is due to it’s easy-to-use interface, integration with other Google apps, and the fact that it’s cloud-based which means your account can be accessed from any device, anywhere in the world.

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How to Securely Migrate G Suite Data Using Version Control

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How to migrate G Suite

Data migration is one of the key Admin tasks. When an employee leaves a company, moves to another department, or is simply fired, there is no need to pay for an unused account if you can migrate critical data to another account. But the cybersecurity world is challenging businesses and educational organizations with new threats that require maintenance of their cloud data with the help of technically advanced SaaS providers.

Using data migration tools is becoming a common practice, but simple data migration is not enough to accomplish the task. To migrate G Suite data effectively, you need a sophisticated combination of a migration tool and version control.

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How to Prevent CA Security Breaches

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Compromised CA Certificate Attacks

Certificate authentication plays a major role in securing online resources, and most organizations utilize certificates to secure communication between both hosted resources and those that are accessed. It is a more secure way of authenticating users compared to the legacy username and password mechanism.

Certificate authentication uses asymmetric cryptography, meaning that it is able to separate out 1) those who can verify the link between the physical identity and the cryptographic public key and 2) Those who can authenticate the user. However, user certificates are only as good as the Certificate Authorities, or CAs, that identify them. Attackers have certainly targeted the CAs as a means to issue unauthorized certificates or impersonate certificates for authentication. Let’s take a look at compromised CA Certificate attacks and their impacts.

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G Suite for Education (GFSE): 9 Apps Tools to Integrate

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G Suite for Education has made it easy for teachers, students and parents to be more productive, collaborate, get organized, and communicate, saving time and money for schools all over the world.

By using Google Apps, parents find it easier to stay in touch with what their kids are doing at school, kids can access their files and communicate with teachers even when they’re not in school, and teachers can organize classes and provide student feedback more efficiently.

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Machine Learning Algorithms in Cybersecurity Solutions

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machine learning cybersecurity
Machine learning is a type of artificial intelligence (AI) that allows computers to learn to look for patterns in data without being explicitly programmed. This area of computer science has many applications, but one of the most promising in the field of cyber security is the ability for computers to detect intruders on a network and other dangerous activity that may lead to a data breach.

Artificial intelligence has been recognized by governments and industry leaders as an increasingly important technology, which has the potential to have a huge impact on the technology industry and the way people and computers can work together in the future.

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