Minding the Data Protection for Individuals

Since we live in a digital world, we are so familiar with all privacy laws and its boundaries. All the news are full of caution not to be hacked, not to put easy passwords, and so on. Definitely, security is the top priority for brand companies to defend their critical data and reputation. Yet, we are more curious about if it’s important at all for individual users to care about hackers, or any other way of their data loss. We think we are securely swimming in the ocean of information where nobody needs exactly us, especially ‘our’ information, so why we should protect our data?
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The Worst Passwords of 2014

It’s time to analyze last year’s mistakes. Let’s start with redefining our privacy and security. Here is the annual list of the 25 most frequently passwords found on the Internet appearing to be the Worst Passwords, that will expose anybody to being hacked or having their identities stolen. 
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Data Protection for Individuals

Are you ready to trust your storage space to the cloud? If so, there is a free service which  provides you with variable choices of free and reliable cloud storage to begin.

The cloud industry has grown to enormous advantages of data loss prevention solutions for Enterprise Market. But who will protect us, “little guys”, individuals? Individuals are also looking to equip themselves with a new approach to ensure the protection of their sensitive information in the cloud. How can this be accomplished?

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Daily Automated Backups Disabled for FREE Plan

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Dear Spinbackup Users,

We are happy to see how our membership is growing every day and we are backing up tens of thousands of businesses and end users daily. Given that automated daily backups require more server resources, man-hours and a new level of support, we’ve decided to disable Daily, automated backups for the FREE account plan and move this feature to the paid plans for a low price of $0.99/month.

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How to Ensure Google Apps Data Security?

Autumn 2013 was full of news about mailbox hackings. The famous Ukrainian boxer and  politician Vitaliy Klitschko hit the scandal over his private letters. Klitschko’s e-mail correspondence was hacked, as well as the mailboxes of many other politicians, journalists, officials, and businessmen. Most of hacked mailboxes were Gmail. In Netherlands investigators discovered, that a total of 70,500 Gmail accounts were compromised by the malicious Pony botnet.

As awareness of public cloud services grow, many users switch to cloud SaaS platforms and services like G Suite (formerly known as Google Apps): Gmail, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Google Photos, and Google Contacts.

Google Apps Security is Your Responsibility!

You enjoy using all above  Google Apps, but suddenly…  a data loss disaster happens. A human error, phishing attack, malware, ransomware infection or a digital robot can gain access to your cloud account and delete your files, messages or other critical information. If you or someone else deleted your content, there is no way to recover your data. Data loss may result in a huge damage for your business and/or personal life. Your business and personal data protection solution is in the Cloud.

The most effective and reliable way for individuals and companies to safeguard data is to back it up using leading cloud service providers, such as Google Cloud Platform (GCP) or Amazon’s S3. The provider works like shuttle,  loaded with your data,  transfers the copies, from one  giant cloud to another on a daily basis. Cloud providers perform automatic and secure data transfer and data storage services, having no access to the customer data.

However, there is very important thing: automatization, in this case,  is necessary  for data, but it is not the best way for customer relations. Many cloud service providers offer paid only services. Some of them provide cloud backup free for a short trial period of 15 or 30 days. For example, Spinbackup offers free for life accounts with 2GB cloud storage with no time limits.  This is definitely not enough for Game of Thrones spin, but pretty sufficient for the thousands of Gmail messages and Google Drive files, or a dozen of photo albums.  Spinbackup is one of a few SaaS providers, which offers cloud backup services for G Suite (Google Apps) and Google Photos backup. As well as to work with backed up files/messages from within your cloud account and then sync with your Google account. Make the best choice and use Spinbackup Google Apps data protection solution for Individuals to safeguard your valuable data!

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Top 30 Worst Passwords

Spinbackup as a data security company pays much attention to the quality of users’ passwords since it’s the key. We have compiled the list of the most commonly used passwords in corporate organisations, social networks,  computer networks and email accounts. A lot of the most trusted sources have been reviewed, such as SplashData, Perfect Passwords, Trustewave and Impervia. Spinbackup’s list was compiled from millions of stolen passwords posted on the web by hackers.

Here are top 30 most commonly used passwords of 2013 by our version:


1. 123456
2. 123456789
3. password
4. Pet names
5. 12345678
6. qwerty
7. 1234567
8. 111111
9. Place of birth
10. 123123
11. 1234567890
12. 000000
13. abc123
14. 1234
15. welcome
16. dragon
17. azerty
18. iloveyou
19. aaaaaa
20. 654321
21. 12345
22. 666666
23. sunshine
24. 123321
25. letmein
26. monkey
27. asdfgh
28. password1
29. shadow
30. princess

We are sure everyone used any of these passwords at least once in his life. Spinbackup strongly recommends users or businesses still using any of the passwords above to change them as soon as possible.

We do beleive that daily, automated backup of your Google Apps data is the only solution that can keep your data safe even if your password is listed above.

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How to Recover Lost Critical Data?

Information concept: Data Recovery on computer keyboard backgrou

Today a lot of people prefer to keep their critical data in the cloud but how to recover it if you lost something critical accidentally ? You do not have physical access to your cloud. Is there any cloud provider who provides data recovery tools? Here is a short review based on the Google cloud.

As every cloud provider Google prides itself on the stability of its cloud services, but it is not 100% guaranteed.

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Backup Google+ Photos Web Albums!

Google Photos Backup with Spinbackup

“Picasa” is a blend of the name of Spanish painter Pablo Picasso, the phrase mi casa (Spanish for “my house”) and “pic” for pictures (personalized art).  
Picasa is an image organizer and image viewer for organizing and editing digital photos, plus an integrated photo-sharing website which allows you to access and integrate your photos into many Google applications from just about anywhere – including mobile devices. 

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Automatic & Manual Backup of Gmail in the Cloud

Automatic & Manual Backup of Gmail

All of us have certain daily habits and being human, there are good habits and most certainly, bad habits.

  • Brushing your teeth every day is considered a good habit, for obvious reasons. Nevertheless, you can always get dentures. You will still be able to chew.
  • Leaving your home every day with the doors wide open would generally considered to be a bad habit, once again for obvious reasons. However, even if your furniture, clothing and personal items are stolen, they can be replaced and your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance will likely pay for even better items.
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How to Protect your G Suite Account

Google provides a feature for G Suite users called ‘Two-Step Verification’, which is designed to improve the security of not only your G Suite account, but your entire online presence. If your Google account is ever hacked, a domino effect may ensue. You are particularly vulnerable if you reuse the same password for other accounts, such as Twitter or Facebook. If a hacker gets into one account, the chances are strong that the other accounts will also eventually be compromised.

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