Automatic & Manual Backup of Gmail in the Cloud

Automatic & Manual Backup of Gmail

All of us have certain daily habits and being human, there are good habits and most certainly, bad habits.

  • Brushing your teeth every day is considered a good habit, for obvious reasons. Nevertheless, you can always get dentures. You will still be able to chew.
  • Leaving your home every day with the doors wide open would generally considered to be a bad habit, once again for obvious reasons. However, even if your furniture, clothing and personal items are stolen, they can be replaced and your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance will likely pay for even better items.
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How to Protect your G Suite Account

Google provides a feature for G Suite users called ‘Two-Step Verification’, which is designed to improve the security of not only your G Suite account, but your entire online presence. If your Google account is ever hacked, a domino effect may ensue. You are particularly vulnerable if you reuse the same password for other accounts, such as Twitter or Facebook. If a hacker gets into one account, the chances are strong that the other accounts will also eventually be compromised.

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How to Backup Files in the Spinbackup Cloud

How to Backup Files in the Spinbackup Cloud

Approximately 78% of earths population uses the internet, with affluent users aged 18 to 29 spending more than forty (40) hours a week online.  As of September, 2012, Facebook had one billion active users and as we know, that’s only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to downloads, uploads and various forms of sharing.  Somewhere, somehow, all of those files need to be stored. Online storage services generally have drawbacks:

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How to Upgrade Your Individual Account to Business



On April 22, 2007 Google launched the professional package of Google Apps for Enterprise. Since then, more than 6 million companies around the world are using Google Apps for managing their business. So what has been the secret of Google’s success? In my opinion, it’s as a result of ongoing service & security improvements, along with enhanced capabilities that require only a nominal amount of additional IT resources.

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Restore and Backup Deleted Google+ Photos

Google Photos Backup and Recovery


The first digital camera (1975), invented ironically enough by Eastman Kodak, weighed 8 pounds (3.6 kg), had a resolution of 0.01 megepixels and took 23 seconds to take a black and white photo. The first production, digital camera didn’t hit the streets until 1990. Digitial images now permeate our lives and a sizeable portion of those images are stored online, at the servers of Google+ Photos.

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Google Calendar Backup and Recovery

Google Calendar Backup and Recovery

Google Calendar, since its initial release in April of 2006, has become the web standard for scheduling and being reminded about impending events. Your spouse’s, family,  friends’, and colleagues’ birthdays, anniversaries and other important milestones will never be forgotten.  Yes, with the help of Google Calendar, you can be the person that remembers.

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How to Protect Your Google Account

Let’s me discuss a problem that can happen with every Google user. The truth is that your Google account can be hacked by “bad guys” but developers from Google do a great work fighting with them every day.  No matter it is your personal Google account, where are kept only your private messages, or it is a business G Suite account where important business correspondence with customers and partners is kept.

Risks for Your Google Account Data

Let me review some of the most frequent motives hackers may have:

  1. someone wanted to read letters of his wife
  2. someone wanted to get money for cracking
  3. someone knows the names of competitor’s clients.

They could delete your private messages, send out spam mail or make your messages public. The list of motives could be long. But the essence remains the same. So what to do? How can you get fully protected?

There are three ways how to prevent your data loss and avoid using weak passwords:

  1. Valid e-mail account listed as your secondary account;
  2. SMS
  3. Security question

Google Account Backup and Recovery with Spinbackup

However, neither way guarantees you 100% security. It just complicates hackers and sifts out amateurs. That’s why I would recommend the fourth way – cloud data backup and recover. The main advantage of this method is even if you have been run into the hacker’s attack, all your data copied to another server, which nobody knows.  And the consequences of such an attack will be just a couple of extra clicks that would return everything in place. Please note, you can always recover your data using Spinbackup which provides efficient backup and recovery service, and thanks to innovative technology of Google, it does not require to enter your Google password. It reduces the probability of intercept your password during the transferring over the network. So do not put yourself at a risk to lose all your data. Data Recovery made easy with SpinBackup!

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